The request for oral examination must be signed by the entire supervisory committee and submitted to the office of the Dean of Graduate Studies:. Final documents must be received in GARO by the final business day of the month. Return to primary navigation. Senate awards degrees based on the convocation list in May and October of each year. Skip to secondary navigation.

There is a special process for this. Once the External Examiner has been selected, no further communication regarding the student or the dissertation should occur between the External Examiner and the supervisor, committee members, or student prior to the oral defense. Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search. Skip to global menu. Complete the submission steps.

Withholding your thesis or dissertation

Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search. During the period of withholding, the thesis or dissertation will not be accessible to anyone, but a brief record of its existence will be available.

uvic thesis submission

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Skip to global menu. Graduate Studies will provide the External Examiner and examination chair with a copy of your dissertation. You sjbmission be notified of major milestones via email.

Two Arm’s Length Status Forms one form per supervisor must be submitted if you have two co-supervisors. Select the term in which you intend to complete your program.


Thesis and dissertation – University of Victoria

Skip to global menu. Library and Archives Canada will harvest your uviic, along with all others from UVic, and archive a copy in their collection.

Return to global menu. Sign and submit the completed request for oral examination form to the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies. The UVic librarians will archive your thesis in the uvi collection. Return to primary navigation. Return to secondary navigation. There are some excellent publishing resources available to help get you started. If you wish to extend the period uvuc which your thesis is being withheld, complete a new withholding form and submit this to the Faculty of Graduate Studies no less than one month prior to the end of the original withholding period.

uvic thesis submission

There are many resources in this section to help you with this important part of your graduate student experience. Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search. Some students will have publishers interested in publishing their work, or have sensitive patent information in their thesis or dissertation, or even have a signed contract to write a book.

uvic thesis submission

Return to page content. Submiasion you are completing your degree requirements this year, be aware that the university has several rules governing the degree completion thesks graduation process.


A request to extend this option must be approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies or designate prior to the expiry date. Return to secondary navigation. Whether you’re in the planning stages, preparing to defend or completing the submission process these pages will provide you with the information and resources you’ll need to ensure you’re successful each step of the way.

Graduation requirements and deadlines – University of Victoria

Return to primary navigation. Google Scholar and other search engins regularly crawl UVicSpace, to share your work with other scholars in your field. Final Completion Paperwork Talk with your graduate secretary about these forms. There are a sugmission of workshops to help you with your thesis preparation, submizsion and management. You would not be eligible for CPFA. Create an account in UVicSpace at https: Skip to primary navigation. Students making use of the CPFA will not be eligible for graduation in the term in which they defend.

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