Direct concepts in tooth preparation for amalgam, composite, GIC and restorative techniques, failures and management. Essay The topics assigned to the different papers are generally evaluated under those sections. Ulcerative, vesicular and bullous lesions of oral mucosa. The clinical cases taken up should be followed, under guidance. Examination of ear, nose and throat.

Every candidate shall prepare a dissertation based on the clinical or experimental work or any other study conducted by them under the supervision of the post graduate guide. Ntr university thesis guidelines. Vitamins – Fat soluble vitamins, water soluble vitamins and normal diet. Pendulum appliance 99 7. Osteology of skull, zygomatic bone, maxilla, mandible, frontal, temporal, occipital in detail including ossification.

Behavior management of Children in Dental practice- Wright They are also expected to use clean and sterile instruments. The completed dissertation should be submitted six months before the final examination.

ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. A candidate securing less marks as described above shall be declared to have failed the examination. Date Title of the Article Admission Year: Records to be maintained.

Dissertation guidelines ntruhs

Research gujdelines in handling scientific problems pertaining to oral treatment. Case Staff Signature Name: Viva-Voce also includes presentation and discussion on dissertation. Candidates not possessing a recognized dental qualification for the above purpose should secure the 5 prior approval of his qualification by the Dental Council of India before he can be admitted into MDS course.


Fluorides in caries prevention — Murray, Rugg Gunn and Jenkins Management of special children. Fabrication and delivery of the appliance the next day. Journal of Periodontology 2.

Ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

S graduate who will: Applied preventive aspects in Orthodontics – Caries and periodontal disease prevention Oral hygiene measures Clinical procedures ix. Perform both non-surgical and surgical procedures independently. Prevention and management of altered consciousness syncope, orthostatic hypotension, seizures, diabetes mellitus, adrenal insufficiencyhypersensitivity reactions, chest discomfort and respiratory difficulty.

Multidisciplinary approach to Endodontic situations. Once the basic pre-clinical work is completed the students can take up clinical cases and clinical training is for the next two and half years. Cast metal restorations, indications, contraindications, tooth preparation for class 2 inlay, onlay, full crown restorations.

For complaints, use another form. Orthodontics Principles and Practice — Graber Paper IV will be on essay.

ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

Pre Clinical work on natural teeth 1. Age changes — clinical structure. One Journal club per week to be conducted in the department.


General Information The institutions recognized by the DCI for running postgraduate courses prior to the commencement of the dentists amendment act and those dental colleges recognized for running Bachelor of Dental Surgery BDS course or guideoines established by the central government for the purpose of imparting postgraduate dental education shall be eligible for starting any postgraduate degree or diploma and higher specialty courses.

II Year Minor oral surgery and higher surgical training. The emphasis should be made on detailed aspects including fundamentals of different specialties of dental subjects taught and common problems of health and disease including greater details and areas of specification. Submission of the topic and synopsis for the University dissertation according to the guidelines of the Dr.

X — ray films and properties, intensifying screens and grids.

Scheme of Examination i. Lang- 5th Edition 3.