Sometimes I will ask my parents [I want to] play a little bit more please. Cohen D, Crabtree B. Interestingly, a few adolescents also mentioned that they eventually ended up getting bored with using MTSDs after some time, although they were kept occupied and entertained by them initially, for example: The use of mobile touch screen devices, e. Moreover, perspectives from parents were sought which helped to triangulate data obtained from the adolescents and to indicate important discrepancies between the perceptions of the adolescent and the parent. Reported influences of MTSD use Several influences of MTSD use were reported by adolescents and parents, which could be categorized into functional, personal and external influences:

Examples of how they used MTSD frequently throughout the day are:. Strengths of this study include a fairly large number of participants, and the semi-structured individual interview format which allowed free expression and exploration of arising issues. Multiple functions and activities Many adolescents reported using MTSDs for a wide variety of functions and activities, ranging from personal and schoolwork to daily life functions. Some adolescents did not use a tablet as much as a smartphone as they felt that a tablet had fewer functions, was harder to use for messaging and social media and also less portable than a smartphone. Teens’ ownership of smartphones has surged.

For adolescents, questions covered types and ownership of MTSDs used, types of activities carried out, routines of use on weekdays and weekends, breaks taken, multitasking, perception of amount of usage and parental rules or restrictions. Although some adolescents were compliant with parental homeworj measures, the compliance was not consistent and there were often instances of non-compliance paye by parents and adolescents.

Portability of device could also affect the types of MTSD used at various locations. Sometimes it depends, sometimes I get carried away with my phone, end up using phone for like half an hour then never go back and do work [homework].


Cohen D, Crabtree B.

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Inclusion criteria for adolescents were: Cause once you start using, it can go on for like 3 hours just sitting there and using…then after another 2 hours I will come out and use my phone again. So I will be quite bored, so I will just like watch videos or read… if you just sit down and eat [also] very boring, so I [will] also use my phone. Furthermore, MTSDs can also offer other benefits such as delivering health information or interventions telehealth [ 8 ], building family time and connectedness [ 9 ], or improving ease of communication and motivation in learning [ 10 ], which may further facilitate increased use.

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Then check social media, watch some YouTube videos, [and] read a bit more. You [I] just use the phone. Australia and other nations are failing to meet sedentary behaviour guidelines for children: Irresistibility of MTSD use to the adolescents and their lack of self-control were also reported influences that may account for their high and frequent use.

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J Broadcast Electron Media. Sometimes I will ask my parents [I want to] play a little bit more please. Discussion In this qualitative study, pags rich descriptions by both adolescents and parents provided insights into MTSD use by adolescents including perceived high, frequent and ubiquitous MTSD use, multitasking as a common homeworl, factors that influence MTSD use, and the perceived appropriateness of their use by adolescents and parents.

Background In the past few years, there has been a surge homewokr the ownership and usage of mobile touch screen devices MTSD among adolescents [ mtxd — 3 ]. One of the limitations of this study was that it reflected use at the time of data collection, but with technology hardware and software constantly changing, future use patterns might be different.


Availability of internet, coupled with the multiple functions and activities offered especially when online, including use for entertainment or relaxation to occupy themselves, further encouraged adolescents to use MTSDs.

Entertainment or relaxation Some of the adolescents used MTSD during any available leisure or free time, either as a form of entertainment or relaxation to reduce boredom or to kill time.

Sturman DA, Moghaddam B. For example, when they are watching shows, they are often inclined to continue watching another episode to the extent that their homework or sleeping time was delayed:. No one homeworo control me.

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Earlier research has shown that authoritative and restrictive ways of parental mediation of technology use do not contribute well to compliance [ 2959 ]. Then after that I sleep.

Abbreviation MTSD mobile touch screen device. Strengths of this study include a fairly large number of participants, and the semi-structured individual interview format which allowed free expression and exploration of arising issues.

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They expressed that they tended to get carried away when using MTSDs and lose track of time. Cyberbullying in children and youth: The associations of mobile touch screen device use ;age musculoskeletal symptoms and exposures: Log in popular scholarship essay ghostwriter sites canada sample essay introductions. Media multitasking in adolescence.

mtsd homework page

Open in a separate window. Parents, teens and digital monitoring.