Dutch diploma International diploma Admission requirements Starting from September 1, Real Estate Studies is a selective master and has a selective pre-master. This programme allows the study of Spatial Sciences in the broadest possible way and it trains students to become good researchers. For those with a different Bachelor degree, the possibilities for admission are discussed with the coordinator The direct access is conditional on sufficient English command, the knowledge minimum and the required grades. Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer. The research experiences will be both big and small:

Guidelines for Independent Study. Watch a video of the latest Master event. Lists of counties of the United States by state. The Department of Economic Geography at the University of Groningen is one of the leading centres in Continental Europe in real estate. We collect the data and information into reports for every postal code area, municipality and province in the Netherlands.

Value and value creation are central concepts of Corporate Finance. Ze stimuleert als decaan en als hoogleraar mensen om zichzelf uit te dagen en voortdurend te vernieuwen, en dat ook te laten zien aan de buitenwereld.

Master’s Day Spatial Sciences.

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During the programme we offer further support for your career preparation. Students have the opportunity to develop their own educational pathway according to their preferences and motivations. Het Geografisch Instituut is het grootste deel van de jaren vijftig gehuisvest in een historisch pand aan de Oude Boteringestraat See more about the procedure under ‘Admission and Application’.


Studenten hebben een grote impact op het leven in Groningen.

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With this driving curiosity the research master Spatial Sciences is a good choice. Jan Delvigne was vroeg naar bed zoals altijd. Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer. Top researchers Students work closely together with our experienced staff members, who carry out excellent research in the four different research clusters within tWIST: What will you learn?

The topics studied here are very relevant to the real world problems. Jelmer Bouter I never thought of studying demography until I read an article in the newspaper I have a bachelor’s degree in History from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Stoffelen Fieldwork cultural geography 5 EC The fieldwork mqster at learning and practicing different methods that can be used to do empirical research into cultural geographical key concepts such as place attachment, sense of place, regional identities, representations, iconic landscapes, and liveability in the field.

Courses master Cultural Geography

You will apply these techniques to value financial securities and investment opportunities of companies. Xiaolong Liudr. Dutch students International students.

Geographical and planning ruug provides insight into how location decisions are made and the role of institutions. The spatial economic and financial-economic research provides insight into the considerations.

It offers a unique one-year Master programme that will enable you to understand the fundamentals of real hhesis markets by investigating every field that impacts the real estate industry e. The value of an asset depends on the size, the timing and the risk of the expected cash flows generated by an asset.


Courses master Real Estate Studies

Tourism Geography and Planning. As security barriers multiply around the world, research is revealing their psychological toll. The main contemporary issues and controversies surrounding heritage and identifications in pluralistic societies will also be addressed, including practical examples during guest lectures.

They will participate in a joint multidisciplinary research challenge with other ReMa students.

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You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users. For ,aster information, see https: The research in economic geography focuses on a deeper understanding of choice of locations.

But students need to have a passionate curiosity about people and places. For the moment, I am looking for possibilities to extend my training in Groningen through a PhD position. Interactive ways of teaching are being thsis by very enthusiastic and dedicated teachers. All compulsory courses are taught in Leeuwarden.

Dat leidt soms tot spanningen.