This is a wonderful course and that too free. No prior experience with MongoDB is assumed for this course but a knowledge of administration of another database will be helpful. You are commenting using your WordPress. The application code can keep sending its asynchronous requests and at some time in the future they will return. Thanks to share this useful informative blog about MongoDB Training. Note to shard a collection, you must have an index on the shard key, so you will need to create the index first:

This week I scanned the homework assignments before I started with the lectures. Now, restart the mongod process adding the option —shardsvr. This site uses cookies. I would even recommend taking it if you’re a developer working with MongoDB. You are concerned about two things, however.

Teju Teju 30 October at This course begins by assuming you have no experience with MongoDB, taking you through the basics of installation. Learn everything you need to know to administer a MongoDB installation in production.

m102 week 6 homework

Big Data Hadoop Online Course. If you want to shard a collection that has data inside, you should create that index first.

In the previous weeks the focus was less on connecting to the database and directed more at making the code work for the homework assignment.


Here is the question as written in May In the second section, HomeworkI will mention what I learned from practicing the homework assignments and anything I might have done extra because of it.

If you started mongod with a —dbpath option, specify that as well.

M102: MongoDB for DBAs

Wherever your data directory is, it is suggested that you verify that the directory is empty before you begin. When the master node is unresponsive for some time, failover will occur and a new primary node is elected.

After completing this course, you should have a good understanding as to how applications are built on top of MongoDB. Become a Data Scientist datacamp. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Connect to it with the shell and week6. The shard key must be present in each document. Other unique indexes are only unique on a shard.

Home Subjects Programming Databases. Stop the mongod process.

Muhammad Abbas – ETL & BI Professional: [Mongodb] M Week 6 Assignments

Introduction and Overview Week 2: A topic not covered during this course is tag sets. If not, then instead of knowing which shard to address, you will end up waiting for a response of all shards. Electing a new primary m1022 will take some time As always, network errors might occur and should be handled elegantly Failover with Node. Browse More Databases courses.


m102 week 6 homework

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Note that there are two requirements in the question. MongoDB Training in Irving. Share your experience with other students. Sorry, hpmework blog cannot share posts by email.

MJS Week 6 – Glimpses of Daniel’s world

The data on the primary is most up to date, so it makes sense it is the default for reads. Start a mongo config server: They also explain that should they use a readPreference of “primaryPreferred”, that the application can weke from the one remaining server during server maintenance.

m102 week 6 homework

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! In production you would almost always use three config servers and replica sets as part of a sharded cluster.