In the late s, it grew from a musical genre into a subculture among teenagers and young adults of East and Southeast Asia. And even whining us. After which, the researchers assigned a score of 10 and above as scores that can be considered as high while a score of 9 and below as low scores. Reblogged this on penpowersong. You are commenting using your Facebook account. In this way, people can say that K-pop has affected the originality of Filipinos in making new music.

It can be inferred from this few people representing the 0. Answers, Korean Music and Philippine Music has a wide range of genres and musical styles. Remember me on this computer. Some are most valuable for telling us what concerned people, how they saw issues, and how they expressed their hopes, ideals, anger, and frustrations. On the other hand, there will also be some respondents who do not stay in the dormitory but still female students in the University of the Philippines Cebu College. Hi miss angel says, ang ganda at ang informative po ng paper niyo. This seemed to tickle my parents the most.

I enjoy both types of music, but not as much as to the extent that I can call myself a Kpop fan or a OPM fan. Popular music has three of the most important elements and these are language, beat and tune. The above mentioned cases and studies have shown that there is an effect or impact regarding the preference of Pinoy teenagers toward music.

In Wikipedia, K-Pop Music was defined as a musical genre originating in South Korea that is characterized by a wide variety of audiovisual elements. Youth subcultures have a certain devotion attached for clothing, music, and other visible affections by members of the subculture, because these mark them a nuance of identity and distinction. Retrieved November 24, from http: However, there are more students who got high scores in the test about South Korean culture and low scores in the test about the Philippine culture than those who got low scores in South Korean culture and high scores in the Philippine culture.


kpop vs opm thesis

There’s no real way of letting go. Portraits of unnamed friends, faces of many souls from the past, do exist in old photograph albums so blessed. By acknowledging the faults of the two sides, I hope this love and peace throughout the world will live on. No matter what, I’d have to find a way to let both my old boyfriend and my folks know how smitten I was with someone else.

I really dunno the title so please point me out. Followed by Endless Love: Filipinos Get Hooked on Kpop Craze.

Ang and Miranda P. You should let your date meet your parents when you are comfortable. K-pop artists use this as their advantage compared to their Western counterparts. If yes, do you attend fan-based activities?

The Status of Original Pilipino Music (OPM) in the 21st Century Youth Subculture

However, regardless of the time slots, Filipino telenovelas are thought to never upgrade to something close to Hollywood level in an article written by Paulo Bayabos for 8list— an online site that enlist top reasons and the like, about particular topics.

The original tweet was by a self-proclaimed Filipino artist dancer and rapper. And people cannot just order others to stop loving something just because others are not from the country of origination of that something. It can be inferred from this few people representing the 0.

Lend me your Fears. Hi, I am Sara from Studymoose Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? K-pop fever is everywhere and it has been a breakthrough throughout the Philippines.


And do not ask your date to pay for it. Gagamitin po sana namin sa research, salamat po Like Like. My older brother would also be back in town having driven almost miles to bring his wife and children along. What are friends for? What do the participants prefer to do during: I already sent you a message po. But as we all know, other foreign music or even the local one are going through the same issue. K-Pop- a musical genre originating in South Korea that is characterized by a wide variety of audiovisual elements.

“No to KPOP” and “Yes to OPM”: a very untimely reaction and reflection post | Owl Memoria

Having this known, the researchers of this study came up with identifying whether these allegations are true by conducting a study that aimed to know the relationship of South Korean influence to the nationalism of Filipino youth, which in this study is comprised of Grade 12 ABM and HUMSS students in Emilio Aguinaldo College — Senior High School Manila.

This was a common pattern in the social democratic milieu of postwar Europe. We went to school, played baseball and dangerously carved our initials into the trunks of swaying trees -not at the bottom, but precariously close to the top only because we were brave and foolish enough to do so.

An impersonal relationship would be a relationship with the public.

kpop vs opm thesis