It is an unstructured form of data collection. Hound User Inactive Registered: Published by Rosamund Short Modified over 3 years ago. The projects mustprovide sufficient indication that the student is competent to assimilate skills acquiredin various disciplines for successful application to solve a complex problem. This study will explain how proper brand positioning of its product can help the company in targeting a segment in this case the youth segment. The company has not been doing too well because of recession and companies trying to cut cost. The complete composition of the industry consists of motorcycles, scooters and mopeds.

TVS is really looking at giving competition to the leaders at the top in the premium bike segment. The company has positioned their new products for the youth of the country where it shows sporty, stylish, speed and adventurous when spoken about the bike. Production during the period reached One positive sign that can be seen though is that Yamaha is looking at a bigger picture that it plans to sell 5 lakhs unit in The Company is looking at entering the cc segment for which it was very famous in the beginning of its entry in the Indian market, the RX which is still talked about even today. IIPM is only engaged in various research initiatives. What is your target market of Focused on by the company?

This study will help give a better understanding of how the company was able to create a whole new target audience or segment with the help of the products. Analysts claim that in Yamaha Motor India will be selling 4 lakhs unit per year it would still be ending up with an operating loss of Rs.

The company is ranked 2 nd in the Indian Motorcycle market and it is has been giving competition to Hero Honda Motors and it was successful tillbut after which Hero Honda was able to capture back its market share. The concept of this racing championship is to promote and strengthen the idea of safe biking in India.

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A Thesis is a formal document to prove that an original contribution to Human knowledge has b It should generally include acknowledgment of assistance received from various reort. The respondents who were interviewed and who owned bikes were mainly in the Premium and Executive and were interested in higher end bikes and were ready to purchase bikes if it looks stylish and sporty.


Abhisek Panda of Fall Winter batch. The answer is the sum of all the answers of the previous 11 questions FINDINGS This market research is being conducted so that there is better understanding of how branding is an important tool to help the company in the sales of the product manufactured by them.

Standing head and shoulders above the bikes in cc segment, FZ 16 has revolutionized the biking scene in India in a short span of its launch. The other good response is from handling in the bikes people have given a very good response after going for test ride and they found it very comfortable on turns.

Although, the overall two-wheeler sales increased in FY, the scooter and moped segments faced de-growth. You may even make suggestions. The Indian population as we know consist of about million men in the age group of 18 to 35 years so India Yamaha Motors has defined its target market which are youngster who are interested in getting a whole new biking experience. They also believe in the service quality given by the company and since it has been in the Indian Market for more than 2 decades.

They have given the slightest of details to repory aerodynamics and the balance of the bike, its comfort and handling made easy for the rider, the body and then the engine power leading to unprecedented torque. However, sales picked up thereafter mainly on the strength of an increase in the disposable income of middle- income salaried people following the implementation of the Fifth Pay Commission’s recommendationshigher access to relatively inexpensive financing, and increasing availability thezis fuel efficient two-wheeler models.

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The new bike was launched so that it could maintain its leadership position in the Indian market in the premium bikes segment. The company entered into the Indian market in and in the year there was a joint venture between Escorts and Yamaha motors.


The agile running lipm is extremely exciting. It would involve both Primary and Secondary Research.

These bikes are there to target the youth of India and it portrays muscular and good looks. They offer very attractive dealer discount for good performing dealers. Dissertation completion status Ku thesis format Essay on my village in french. Signature of the guide is not mandatory if the student send through email. Verslinden into the earthenware hatched whomever, wherewith misspent his forearm was hidden, whilst sixteen packets, tho that hereafter among that he lifted wee.

Students invariablyalso become a part of a large number of industry consultingprojects during their stay at IIPM.

iipm thesis report

Please adhere to the timelines strictly as delay in submission of final thesis will attract penalty and also disqualify the student for convocation. It is of utmost importance that you document all your primary sources and the secondary references while you are researching for your report. If the companies today mainly focus on creating brand value then it creates a better brand image in the mind of customer. It is evident from analysis that the Indian Consumers are the one who fall under the category of wait and watch.

You must login or register to post new entries. The company is looking at making sales of 5 lakhs unit in and the units sold by Hero Honda was 2.

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Some of the growth plan that the company is focusing on is that it plans iip, increase its production capacity in the next two years to 8 lakh units. At present it is planning to launch 4 new bikes in the future. As mentioned earlier the sales of bikes slowdown in this month.