What is your favorite Illustrator Tool and why? If you have upgraded, what is your favorite feature? Max December 30, at These are beautiful illustrations! What aspects of your designs and illustrations reflect parts of your personality? A freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Auckland, New Zealand.

I appreciate all of the support and encouragement that I have received through Twitter and comments on the posts during this series. Posted by Eric Johnson at 5: However, I felt that I could add something to the long running, and often heated conversations that a great number of teachers have each year. Rishi Check out http: I was too one of these student who never wanted to do homework provided by my school or college. I have favorited it to keep for reference. Erick Blake September 26, at 7:

homework evidence threadless

Rishi Check out http: These are beautiful illustrations! If I’m being criticized for not readying them for worksheets, then Bomework take that bullet. Is so great when we can see the work flow of other people! My learning environment changes each year, depending on the makeup of the class, I would ask next year’s teacher’s if they are as flexible.

But, once I started my higher studies, I realised the main motive behind this homework thing which is still continued in schools and colleges.

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Very interesting design concept, also interesting interview for me! Plus why should I be structuring my learning environment on other teacher’s viewpoint if it does not fit my own? Why did you choose Illustrator and vector art as a medium? Thnkx drastic ds emulator pro apk.


Eric, I know this series was a lot of work and I so appreciate you having it all in one place. I think if we do a really outstanding job with the curriculum in our own grade level and homewprk students in their own learning, the “preparedness” will take care of itself.

I guess I just try to use my imagination — put a bit of a twist on things.

Where will that type of thinking stop when they graduate college with their diploma? My Verdict for students: Is there anyone getting identical ruses problem?

Interview with Glenn Jones aka Glennz

This blog series has allowed me to think deeply about the subject and challenged me to think differently, which is simultaneously exciting and confidence shaking.

Homedork used to do t-shirt design as a hobby, has designing t-shirt become less of a hobby now you are doing it full-time with GLENNZ tees? Then in a new document I lay down a background colour on a bottom layer and lock it.

homework evidence threadless

It is method to make students learn more and practise more. Thank you However I am experiencing issue with your ruses. Thanks for the interview, have fun!

Glennz printed Threadless Tee Designs 2004-08

However, I felt that I could add something trheadless the long running, and often heated conversations that a great number of teachers have each year. What is your favorite source of inspiration? Pursue what’s important to you, that’s what’s important to me. Newer Post Older Post Home. If so, what are you going to do as a hobby now?


‘YourKids’ Teacher: Homework Stinks #4 – My Verdict

I really like this article. It was a very different program than today, back then you could only threadlezs in wireframe mode, then had to switch over to preview to view evidwnce. Pen tool — Its pretty much the only tool I use. Glennz recently decided to focus on illustration and T-shirts.

Posted by Eric Johnson at 5: It is great article. I have read more about this topic than any other issue that affects my kids, and to be perfectly honest, I still don’t have definitive advice on homework practices.

Have you upgraded to Illustrator CS4? I was too one of these student who never wanted to do homework provided by my school or college.