Features — Transcap — output capacitor technology for unique musical abilities — massive power delivery up to Watts — excellent impedance handling down to 1. While all other instruments and vocals brillare in their place, together they create a concert-like atmosphere, where you can feel the wink of the musicans when they make an upbeat of a new measure. Mere specifications can be wildly misleading here. The percussion instruments sound vividly and life-like, providing the essential base of music. Two outputs are available, one with 1. In doing so, we followed a simple path:

Best room, no question. As Alec Issigonis set the automotive world on its head with his Mini in — a groundbreaking design with front wheel drive, transverse engine, sump gearbox, and phenomenal space efficiency —, so the half-width, shoebox-sized Obelisk challenged the status quo with its decidedly austere exterior, flexible upgrade possibilities, and controversial non-DC-coupled topology by then, largely considered virtual heresy for any serious transistor-based amplifier. A breathtakingly realistic reproduction of music in all its facets, spaciousness and immediacy that casts a spell over the listener. By using two independent — MM moving magnet and MC moving coil — amplifier circuits, it is possible to use two record players connected simultaneously. Amplificatore con potenza mono da 70W ; finitura Nero o Bianco. In an audio market comprised of DACs-galore with dedicated transports thin-on-the-ground, it is understandable how one might be skeptical of the significance of CD audio transports, and convinced that D-to-A conversion alone is responsible for superior digital performance. Rather than feeling compelled to sit rigidly in the “sweet spot”, it is possible to move to the right and left, forward or backward, up or down, and the music follows.

The only issue I have with the phono amp during use is the front mounted power light. A deceptively simple module with excellent musical qualities, the Dactil 1. We also sell on e b a y acrylteller.

It has two independent sections, each with dual regulated power supply rails. At that time we met Richard Hay, the legendary designer of Nytech, and later Ion Systems products, and this acquaintance proved to be very important in our qudio.


Heed Thesis review

This misconception can lead customers to spend huge amounts on DACs for use with modest CD players as transports, akin to buying very expensive and demanding cartridges for mediocre turntables. Regrettably, even many outboard amplifiers resort to this simple – and cheap – solution, making it impossible for headphones to perform at their best.

By using two independent — MM moving magnet and MC moving coil — amplifier circuits, it is possible to use two record players connected simultaneously. It seems to transform the domestic listening space into the concert hall, or jazz club, where the music is fully present wherever you might be sitting. We’re satisfied that the Obelisk PM can drive virtually anything; even the most awkward loads can be handled with relative ease.

All inputs, as well as volume setting with muting function are remote-controllable via an RC handset.

Heed Audio Thesis Phi MM/MC Phonostage

Amplificatore in classe “A” per cuffie: Our long-standing tradition of eschewing DC-coupling for a less “processed” sound with more natural decay of tones and uncanny realism has reached new heights with the evolution of the Obelisk PS.

It has two independent sections, each with dual regulated power supply rails. Preamplificatore Stereo di linea con volume telecomandato; finitura Nero o Bianco. The all-new second generation Dactilus 3, equipped with our new Dactil 1. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. It is a dual TMR transmissionline-reflex 2. This new phono preamplifier makes analogue high-end reproduction affordable at last!

We genuinely believe that we are amongst them.

The casing is finished to the highest standard with the smoothest of black powder coated finishes and discrete wrapped sides. Cartridge matching is hed customisable for gain and impedance on the rear panel of the unit by jumpers.

He and his small team design and manufacture high-end products at reasonable prices. Clearly defined and partitioned in black and white like the salient points of the most measured and well reasoned arguments.


heed audio thesis phi

The Heed ORBIT 1 and Heed ORBIT 2 off-board turntable power supplies offer a sophisticated solution to stabilise and improve any 4-pole, V synchronous motor drive, elevating your deck’s sonic performance to startling new levels of musicality.

And this before we even get to the sound quality or even the aesthetics. While pho people are compelled to do so by their living circumstances, others simply prefer cans to loudspeakers.

heed audio thesis phi

Naturally it is impossible to make a musical impression by words alone. We are, however, designersand manufacturers of all-encompassing audioequipment. Hee likes to think of themselves as dumb or a fool and everyone hates to be patronised.

A twin RC-coupled output stage caters for driving long cables and connecting even two sets of power amplifiers to drive speakers in bi-amp configuration.

Heed’s Thesis Phono Amplifier with supportive power supply…still, it’s all Greek to me

Should you have the chance to listen to our creations then you can become acquainted with the relationships between the technical and sonic features of our products by studying the following chapters. Its uncompromising technical approach, usually found only in prohibitively-priced transports, makes it well suited for partnering with a wide variety of DACs, from our keenly priced Dactil 1.

The Obelisk DT is a dedicated compact disc audio transport, reading both conventional and HDCDs, and outputting near-perfect digital data to any high quality Digital-to-Analogue processor.

heed audio thesis phi

We also sell on. With its very generously sized power supply, unlike valve amplifiers, it is also extremely stable even into aufio most difficult loads — continuous power delivery up to W or capability of driving loads down to 1. Rega Ania MC – Cartridge