This study highlighted opportunities for cost-effective high performance buildings built under the guidance of the specified standards and rating systems for different building types, specifically for a residential facility and an office building, in both energy and water usage. Two related factors may both reduce the incremental initial investment costs and increase the capture of expected benefits from high performance facilities: In particular, they could be used throughout bid review and project management to enable decision-making on the selection of building systems, components, equipment and materials through the explicit identification of expected benefits and costs and resultant relative economic efficiency, and the opportunity to mitigate risks e. Annual contents may vary depending on adjustments made by the interested congressional committees in appropriations and authorization language. This approach was applied using a set of tools specifically developed for this study to analyze the sensitivity of the results to different scenarios. See Appendix C for definitions.

The results from these example applications of the analytical approach using empirical data from actual DOD buildings were reviewed with staff from the selected installations, HQ, construction agents, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. The data available for this study included an energy analysis for Std. Green Globes Long-term Cost-Benefit: This linear relationship was derived for each. The Green Globes certification is a voluntary rating system that uses credits that are weighted to reflect potential environmental impacts. Acronyms and Abbreviations —

Building wastewater water disposal —from building systems e. The report must include a cost-benefit analysis, return on investment, and long-term payback for the following building design standards:.

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In cases where the Net Savings is negative, it is not possible to compute return on investment, and the payback period dase always beyond the designated study period.

The consultant then gathered and analyzed example building dase to calculate the cost-benefit, return on investment, and long-term payback achievable using sustainable building standards specified in the NDAA Section As noted in the Methodology section of this report, ASHRAE provided the benefit-cost data, specifically the investment costs and projected energy usage building and sitewater usage building and site and waste water disposal based on building models not actual buildingssince the standard was only recently passed and has not been accepted by many jurisdictions or applied to actual projects.

LEED certification provides independent, third-party verification that a building or community was designed and built using strategies aimed hbi achieving high performance in five key areas of human and environmental health: For example, gbbi with higher cooling loads such as Miami also have higher electric loads primarily used for air conditioning equipment. The water price escalation rate used in this analysis is based on an analysis of the Consumer Price Index, which reports price increases using as the base year Appendix A.


Table 16 Summary of Results for Standard As noted in the Methodology Section of this report, ASHRAE provided the benefit-cost data, specifically investment costs and projected energy usage building wmj sitebased on building models not actual buildingssince the standard was only recently passed and has not been accepted by many jurisdictions or applied to actual projects.

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Another major area of uncertainty related to this study is future prices for municipal utilities such as electricity, natural gas, stjdy and sewage over the next years. The sensitivity analysis on Net Savings provides additional insight into the potential savings associated with LEED buildings in different climate conditions and market conditions. Using this price the total panel costs and the building costs per square foot can be calculated.

Therefore, the Helena Hotel—Platinum would be a better investment than the Miami Hotel—Silver, but both investments would perform significantly better than the current default option i.

Table 18 is the summary of the interior equipment energy consumptions that were modeled in the EnergyPlus simulations.

gbi case study wmi

Therefore, this study will use the construction costs provided for these Green Globes projects, with the caveat that this data has not been independently verified and may include costs related to specific technical or special function requirements that are not related to this study.

Recognition of uncertainty with respect to future conditions, costs, and opportunities, which is particularly relevant for durable capital facility assets; Clear specification of inputs and outcomes, which provide a critical basis to measure actual performance and correct assumptions; Clear delineation of exogenous factors e. There were two differences that were explicitly wmj for in this study, the interior lighting power and PV requirements. Comparison of the total costs of ownership, operation, and maintenance over the defined study period N among two or more alternatives.

It must be noted, however, that these results are highly dependent on the data provided for this set of 11 buildings, particularly the reported initial construction costs. The findings from the economic evaluation of the specified building standards and rating systems indicate opportunities to improve the effectiveness and economic efficiency of military construction and renovation, as input into the DOD studh strategy.


The fundamental approach was to assume a linear relationship between the first costs and the energy savings. As noted in the Methodology section of this report, it is assumed that the initial investment costs for these energy generation units were included in the construction costs, and the on-site energy stuyd used to offset the energy used by the building.

The results of the economic evaluation of the building standards and rating systems presented in this report have direct applicability to the development of the DOD comprehensive strategy for cost-effective military construction and renovation. The Net Savings method can be used when benefits occur primarily from future operational benefits such as energy and water cost savingsrelative to a specific base case. Since the costs of these energy sources differ significantly by location—and fluctuate on a monthly basis—the economic impact of specific strategies to reduce these energy usage categories should be calculated with respect to the specific location to assess opportunities for net savings.

It explicitly references the current version of Phoenix The potential future opportunities for Net Savings under different conditions can be graphically represented with the example of the Memphis Office—Silver Figure To provide minimum requirements for the siting, design, construction and plan for operation of high-performance green buildings to: Page 98 Share Cite.

Savings for Offices in all locations are higher than those for the Hotels.

gbi case study wmi

Local water prices for water supply potable water and wastewater water disposal were determined through public data sources, including municipal agencies and stduy. These were based on an average of sampled flow rates for showers in hotels throughout the U.

LEED-certified buildings are designed to:.

gbi case study wmi

The final chapter provides potential factors and approaches that the DOD should consider in developing a comprehensive strategy for military construction and renovation that includes standards for energy efficiency and sustainable design. Table 2 Sources of Information Report Subject New buildings and their systems.