Domestic violence is now a major industry funded through interlocking government programs at the federal, state, and local levels and by private foundations and international organizations. A father whose wife obtained a restraining order against him was, according to the St. We are in uncharted waters. The orders seem designed not so much to prevent wrongdoing as to eliminate and criminalize fathers. Family law is now criminalizing constitutionally protected activities as basic as free speech, freedom of the press, and even private conversations.

Judicial Process and Judicial Policymaking. That’s the main message of this book. Children from affluent but broken families are much more likely to get into trouble than children from poor but intact ones, and white children from separated families are at higher risk than black children in intact families McLanahan , He is causing us to be afraid. Deadbeat Dads, Stepfathers, Absent Fathers and Nearby Guys can all lead to a further degrading of the importance of fatherhood. His name will be entered on a federal registry, his wages will immediately be garnished, and the government will have access to all his financial information. The author spends the next six chapters outlining the way our culture is propagating the idea that fathers are unnecessary.

Blanketing amerrica organizations with essays and Op-Ed pieces about fatherhood since distant history in the scope of the still-emerging focus on fathers–Blankenhorn “really was out there in the wilderness,” agreed San Diego writer Richard Louv, whose book FatherLove Pocket Books came out in He was a high school freshman when the U.

He impregnates, then exits. He tries to maintain a relationship with his kids.


fatherless america by david blankenhorn essay

For example, he defines effective fathering as always including provision, protection, and teaching children a way of life. During this time fathers moved from the center of family life s to the periphery now. It is the story of an increasingly fatherless society. Or, they are fathers in a very weakened way.

Consider our current cultural story of fatherhood as you would a movie script — a set daviid cues that help tell the actor what to do. Blankenhorn, lean and lanky and defiantly casual in baggy trousers and a shapeless cranberry sweater, has become a major player in the national discussion about families and fathers. This character is versatile maerica to play several different roles without losing his basic identity. The central character in today’s fatherhood script is a fellow whom we might call the Superfluous Father.

This book is a helpful resource for understanding the sociological problem of fatherlessness, but it does not provide immediate practical help for the kids who are so evidently suffering through father-absence today.

He was a high school freshman when fatheerless U. She is about blanlenhorn make a public appeal to her seventy-three-year-old father.

Review: Fatherless America – Culture and Youth Studies

We disguise the sex of the problem with prim euphemisms. The seller was great, too. He expresses his emotions. These were not the most important issues,” he said. People are exclaiming at how complicated things have become.

fatherless america by david blankenhorn essay

In what ways does the death of a father differ from the voluntary absence of a father? In short, the New Father teaches that there is no basic difference between a father and a parent — that there is nothing specifically male about fatherhood as a social role. In fact, he seems to suggest their successes are only further evidence that fathers are unnecessary. A huge, big, ton elephant. Now preachin’ and teachin’ and social workin’ as a community organizer, Blankenhorn harked back to the “moral drama” of civil rights.


He shares equally in fatheroess responsibilities of domestic life.

The author spends the next six chapters outlining the way our culture is propagating the idea that fathers are unnecessary. But he is losing ground. This conclusion holds true even when differences of race, class, and income are taken into account.

It is one we all know. Certainly, the good family man still exists.

Poignant almost to a fault but these are issues that need to be brought to light. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

For this reason, I am essayy as to the acceptance and effectiveness of his proposals. There are TONS of foot notes though this book was eseay well researched.

While voicing respect for his confrere on the fatherhood front, Louv decries Blankenhorn’s veneration of what he calls the “Good Family Man”–the “traditionally masculine” father–at the expense of what Blankenhorn terms the “superfluous” or “new” father.

He is careful, however, to separate his personal and professional lives.