Finally, Nidora tells Yaya Dub that her real mother is Isadora, but before she can continue, Nidora faints and starts to foam at the mouth, possibly from the Rambutan juice she drank earlier. Tinidora quickly explains to Nidora that the touching was unintentional, that Alden was just trying to hand Yaya a glass of water because she was choking. Lola Tidora then reveals the secret: In order to build a better future for their children, many OFWs are separated from their families. Retrieved 1 September

Lola Nidora orders a detailed cleaning of the mansion and even has the place repainted. Frankie admits that he is already in love with Yaya Dub; meanwhile, Yaya Dub is very sad and bids farewell to Alden. Retrieved from ” https: Ligaya 17th Weeksary – Facebook”. Bill also had cheated on Tinidora before and she cannot forgive him. The couple wholeheartedly accepts the condition. Lola Nidora thinks that Yaya Dub is possessed by the spirits in Lola’s house, but Yaya Dub is just over-excited over finding the ring.

Retrieved 29 November This is the first time that she plays another character aside from Yaya Dub. Nidora then tells TVJ that she has another request. Lola Nidora tells Yaya not to expect Christmas every day. She tells Alden to be patient soving that the reward is worthy to be given to him as he has stepped up to every challenge that was thrown at him.


Eat bulaga problem solving aug 28 2015

Nidora reveals her second surprise: Even so, Alden and Yaya Dub are happy, as this is the closest that they have been to see each other.

Disguise Pa More, Solvng Aunor! Retrieved 18 February Proficiency in the English language both verbal and written Excellent math skills and previous cash-handling experience helpful Organizational skills including follow up, problem solving, and communication Positive and professional appearance and attitude is a must!

Lola Nidora is absent because she is bilaga in their mansion. Isaw at Hopia 28th Weeksary – Facebook”. Retrieved 5 August Who is changing who?

Fat Alden can beat Lola in a game of Rock-paper-scissorsshe will let the couple sit at the smaller table, and even shake hands. Nidora says that Yaya is doing fine and is at church.

eat bulaga problem solving march 28 2015

Lola Tidora announces that she has come to reveal a secret. Retrieved 17 March Real Estate Trading – sell problemm for a profit. Hours include days, nights, weekends and holidays. Retrieved 9 May Awards and nominations Philippine noontime variety television shows. Lola Nidora forces Yaya Dub to sign a contract ensuring that the wedding will proceed.

EAT BULAGA (Problem Solving Kalyeserye) March 19, Full Part 2 – video dailymotion

Yaya Dub then calls Lola Nidora through Dubsmash that she is craving for fruits, turonand a cake. However, Alden who is shown with his hands tied manages to sing out for Yaya Dub, who cries her heart out in the mansion while being guarded by the Rogelios. Yaya git – Facebook”. His nickname, “Franing” is derived from the Filipino term “praning” meaning “paranoid” or “crazy”.


Panibagong Pagsubok – Facebook”. Remain focused on fulfilling your business mission.

eat bulaga problem solving march 28 2015

Eat bulaga problem solving march 28 – ‘Eat Bulaga’ hit for telling gay dad to go back to the closet. Alden appears on the split-screen. Meanwhile, Yaya Dub recuperates from her sickness and joins Lola Nidora, who is happy at Yaya’s return.

Alden Found The Missing Ring!

Eat Bulaga March 28 Part 3 – video dailymotion

Christmas Party – Facebook”. Retrieved 28 March On September 25, GMA Network acknowledged a Twitter fan group called the trendsetters to supply the official hashtag for solvinf episodes. Retrieved 4 March