It should have a suitable title, an introduction, a body and a conclusion. To excel in this section you should know the types of letters asked in previous year papers. Truth is whatever written in expected essay question – Nothing will drop. You will need to understand the entire context. At any rate, the tournament was a huge success — one of the most watched sports events.

The test is conducted on a computer console not on paper and you are expected to complete the 40 mark paper in 45 minutes. First let us familiarize ourselves with what is expected in the essay. Practise this a few times before the exam. Our bowlers have never looked this menacing before. The Abhiyan will support urban local bodies in designing, executing and operating waste disposal systems.

Let’s have a look at letter writing topics which were asked in previous year bank exams.

How to Prepare for NICL AO Descriptive Question Paper

They will likely provide you with two options, foe you need to pick the one you are most comfortable with. The title should not be a sentence or the same as the title the examiner has provided, but a phrase that suitably describes the issue.

So if you have a word passage, make sure that you cut it down to just words. Make sure you read through the passage before attempting the questions, because unlike objective type comprehensions, you will not be able to pick out one-word answers from the passage.


Loading Article sPlease Wait. The format of a Formal letter: Haven’t you checked previous year papers bruh. It counts for 40 marks, and is descriptife to getting the interview call. It kickstarted a five year program scheduled to end on 2 nd Octoberto deescriptive Ganghiji on his th birthday.

Sample Essays for NICL AO Descriptive Paper – Testbook Blog

In this rich country, with such a diverse heritage, it is sad that other factors are being brought to the spotlight. Also, try to solve these first ofr these can give you sure shot marks. There are two topics which will be asked in the Descriptive test: Sangappa Biradar Feb 7. Dheeraj Chaudhary Nov An aggregate of 14 teams participated in this cricket extravaganza.

descriptive essay topics for nicl ao

Now that you know the strategies to employ while attempting the NICL AO Descriptive question paper, it is important to build your knowledge base. This campaign aims to promote awareness to eliminate the menace of littering. Madam is it topic for essay universal basic incom. The aim of letter writing is to examine how well the applicants are able to communicate themselves with the other to whom the letter is addressed.


For now, happy practising! Having won the tournament inteam India were the defending champions this time.

Important Essay Topics for NICL AO 2015

India has become prone to all kinds of pollution making it difficult for people to live a healthy life. Sahil Malhotra Nov Do not argue on both sides of the topic.

descriptive essay topics for nicl ao

Hope that will benefit you all. No more posts found! Rahul wasekar Mar At any rate, the tournament was a huge success — one of the most watched sports events.

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How to Prepare for NICL AO Descriptive Question Paper – Testbook Blog

Sign Up for Free Already a Member? Make sure to answer only from the passage or what you infer from the passage. So when people in the country change their mindsets, we can achieve a clean country. You will not get a choice in this question.