For Part Time Coursework. Master of Science Pharmacoeconomics. There are two types of unit, one with small corridor and the other one with big corridor. Bachelor of biotechnology Hons. Doctor of Clinical Dentistry Periodontology. Master of Science Pharmacoepidemiology.

Master of Science MSc in Environmental. Master of Science in Computer Networking. Master Of Music Music Education. Master of Science Pharmacognosy. Master of Science in Structural Engineering. What is the difference between a master’s degree by coursework and a Master’s degree by research in terms of value and opportunities gained after completion. Master In Foodservice Management.

UiTM offered some programmes ranging from foundation to postgraduate level. The Master of Project Management is designed for candidates from various backgrounds who aim for managerial position.

UITM Doctor Of Business Administration (DBA) Program

Doctor of Philosophy Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Master of Science in Computer Networking.

Master In Foodservice Management. For uitm main camnpus.

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Doctor of Philosophy Pharmacoepidemiology. Bagus bwat mba coursework, tests. Doctor of Philosophy Actuarial Science. Doctor of Philosophy Toxicology. Doctor of Philosophy Microbiology. Type A Big corridor. Master of Computer Science Software Technology. Ukupan promet adolf hitler motifs to his deeds na.



Master of Science Mechanical Engineering. Official Name in Malay. The core courses for the program are:.

dba coursework uitm

Master of Science Pharmacy Education. The UTM Synergy 4. Master Of Music Music Education. Master of Science Materials Science and Technology. Undergraduate Dbq Visit the Undergraduate Admission website for more information about undergraduate programs, admission requirements and how to submit your application.

Masters In Electrical Engineering. Master in Property Investment. Master of Science Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

dba coursework uitm

Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences. Explore Undergraduate programmes for Local student here. Welcome to MBA Forum. D in Contemporary Islamic Studies.

Master of Science Community Pharmacy. Master of Science Molecular Biology.

Dba coursework uitm

Industrial chemistry, mba program structure. Faculty of Applied Science. In addition, students are required to take four 4 concentration courses and four 4 electives from the following disciplines:.

Master of Science Clinical Pharmacy.