Let It Pour – Critical Thinking Case Study words – 3 pages Critical Thinking Case Study”With the foundation and commitment of our spiritual heritage and values, our mission is to promote the health and well-being of the people in the communities we server through a comprehensive continuum of services provided in collaboration with the partners who share the same vision and values. Chris made a fallacious argument about the company being on top again if the company developed a new product. This may include downsizing the current features they have in mind. Kelly seems to view the others are trying to remove power from him. We draw conclusions whenever we make sense of things. This would be a win-win situation – Kelly would get the additional staff he is in need of while maintaining control of the project.

From what was presented he feels that the others are going around him and trying to undercut him. The “task, conditions, standards” framework provides structure to the fluid critical thinking and decision making process. Critical thinking case words – 11 pages A case study for a manufacturing company called AcuScan, Inc was fulfilled. In this case study, the students act as an independent consultant hired to audit AcuScan to identify the flaws within the company and report the findings to the Chief Executive Officer CEO University of Phoenix, Implementing a Customer Relationship Management Tool at ImageStream words – 8 pages with most of ImageStream’s decisions, the company and this case study will use the U.

The communication of the team members appears to be the problem. The leadership of the hospital must be willing to objectively, logically and systematically assess and implement the solutions that have been detailed in this document. However when all is put down on paper, Kelly is not sure, nor will commit to the August deadline.

Kelly states that even with current staffing levels, they do not have the time or manpower to launch a new product the correct way. We draw conclusions whenever we make sense of things. The Financial Analyst was also able to negotiate the cost on items from several vendors that are used exclusively. This executive summary will provide the.


critical thinking case study acuscan

How about receiving a customized one? Even though Pat seems to show that, there is some chance to do so. Explain the arguments made by each of these people. They could also look at the possibility of keeping the old product and revising the current system to fit consumer needs better.

If the company does not utilize critical thinking which may include thinking outside of the box, the company will become stagnant and unable to move in a positive direction. Internally there are miscommunication issues and emotional assumptions of evaluating information.

For instance, instead of launching a complicated product, possibly expand the current iScanner into other industries such as hospitals, colleges and the government, while adding possibly one or two features. There are some in the organization, like Kelly that believe that AcuScan does not have to have a full feature new product to be released to the market.

The fallacious emails between Kelly and Pat are regarding their disagreement about the capabilities of the software design team and the man-power to create programming for all the features in the new iScanner. Even though Pat seems to show that, there is some thinkinv to do so.

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Acuscan Critical Thinking Case Study

My recommendation would be to get Pat, Kelly, Chris and Cliff into a room for a face-to-face meeting. This along with economical issues and reduced budget has created lack of communications and the feeling of too much in to little time frame.

critical thinking case study acuscan

Critical Thinking Case Study words – 5 pages evaluate all of the information available and provide an impartial judgment. He also realizes this must be done by the August deadline and assumes that his top management will work criticl, and make critical decisions to meet the deadline.


These concerns are coming from Cliff.

Acuscan Critical Thinking Case Study | Case Study Template

For each problem listed above, describe the data, arguments, and reasoning that contribute to the problem. He also believes that Chris is not supporting him and is stuyd to undercut him while he is CYA.

The other solution would be to reduce the budget for possibly cutting additional staff. Some of the solutions that could have been offered were could the product be scaled back to meet the August deadline?

critical thinking case study acuscan

But the since it is unknown, there is no evidence or research at this point the company cannot be certain of this fact. Pat Lambert – in the position of marketing has a good grasp of the market place and the economics of their segment.

There thunking lots of emails, but little team work.

Chris Martinas – is looking at the new product as the future of the company in their market segment. In the early stages, it may seem like more of a hassle than it’s worth to keep up with acuscsn changing trends. Purpose and ScopeThe purpose of this summary is to analyze the issues on launching the new iScanner from AcuScan and rectify any facts pertaining to the potential launch.

State the relative strengths and weaknesses of each alternative solution. Critical Thinking and Decsion Making: Pat – believes that an “Operation Optimization” project needs to be embarked on now to improve the market shares of AcuScan.