He obtains and reads a book by Emmanuel Goldstein, a notorious enemy of the state. I am going to compare and contrast these techniques to evaluate who is the most compelling character and why. The proles in reality are the only real humans left in Oceania, as they are allowed to keep basic human instincts of family, sexuality, recreation, and freedom from constant surveillance. Winston fails to uphold what he fought for but it is criticised by many that this only makes him more human. She is impressionistic as she misses out essential information because she is often sidetracked in her train of thought and departs from the main subject.

The party did not accept proles, they were a permanent underclass with no chance of elevation. We have received your request for getting a sample. This is a time where Offred is alone in her room and she is able to reveal her inner thoughts to us. In short, the essence of civilization, and thus utopia, is conformity at the expense of all that is natural in mankind. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:

They cannot use language from the past, or even mention their lives before Gilead. Winston Dssay, the tragic non-conformist main character works as a member of the party.

comparative essay the handmaids tale and 1984

Room can also be likened to the aversion therapy employed by Anthony Burgess in A Clockwork Orange. I also think that her first-person narrative allowed a more personal relationship with the character. Not only do these governments want to control cmparative you say, think and do.

GVV – 1984, The Handmaid’s Tale and Unforgiven for Leaving Cert English Comparative #625Lab

It draws the audience into the world of until the reader becomes Winston Smith, sharing his paranoia, individualism, and his search for meaning and beauty in a world which denies their very existence. As the novel progresses, Winston meets and falls in love with a girl named Julia. By doing this, Orwell has made Winston a character that the readers can easily relate to.


Those who showed intelligence or potential for leadership were not elevated through the hierarchy of society into party positions, they were vaporized. Downloading text is forbidden on this website.

The Handmaid’s Tale vs 1984

The issue of Newspeak is also relevant to issues of free thought and identity. Sorry, but only registered users have full access. Marx did not live to see the betrayal of the revolution, Orwell did. The future of the privileged society depends on it, but not all revolts succeed. During her time, the mid twentieth century, women were still seen as nothing other than housewives. Therefore, the failure of the party to provide is transformed into a personal conflict between individual proles over the goods which are available.

Her two roles on and off screen inspired women to stand up for what they deserve. Sex Crime Not only do these governments want to control what you say, think and do.

He imagines that one day it would be able to transmit back images allowing the broadcasted to spy on the viewers which he shows through creating these telescreens in his novel.

comparative essay the handmaids tale and 1984

Winston sees them as the only hope for the future of mankind. The regimes aim to both gain a tighter control over its citizens and to disarm them from the intellectual understanding to oppose them. A similar structure that these novels use is that both Offred and Winston tell their stories event after event, introducing us to the characters and describing the societies that they live in first, going onto to detail how they rebel against the regime and then finally showing how their behaviour resulted.

When a rebellious mindset comes in contact with an oppressed society with strict rules and regulations, the outcome suggests a better future through the realization of mistakes and unity for a common goal. In the official party schoolbooks, history is altered to favor party doctrine. This difference in narrative forms, as well, gives us a differing insight into the two characters. Winston failed in humility and self-discipline in the eyes of the party and had to surrender his soul of his own free will.


In Oceania, there are no laws, but non-conformity is punished by death. In contrast, because Winston is so real, a reader cannot resist identifying with him and imagining themselves in his place. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

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However, the hate figure in this case is live rather than on a screen, and the women — known as Handmaids — are invited to attack the hate figure as revenge for the crimes he has allegedly committed.

You will be erased, even from history, and become an un-person. Orwell did this because he intended Winston to represent an ordinary man who makes a courageous effort in an extraordinary circumstance. Inin particular, this sense of being constantly watched extends to people, specifically children — which are a new generation of perfectly indoctrinated citizens willing to expose even their parents for acts comparattive The Party.

comparative essay the handmaids tale and 1984

The systematic denial of obvious reality by the party can be likened to the church denouncing the Copernican solar system and the theory of evolution. Winston is taken to room in the infamous Ministry Of Love.