Taking over the inn, he added, was a lot of work: Instead, she sold the inn the same way the previous owner had: This essay contest allowed our 6 kids to see a side of my wife and I that they’d never seen. It’s not that that we wanted to leave the things we love but, rather we yearned to begin a new adventure. We’ve spent the last 3 months dreaming, planning, and what-iffing. In fewer than words, Adams wrote of his experience in the hospitality industry, and compared the work to his marriage. Please share my story and details of our contest with as many people as you can.

Please share my story and details of our contest with as many people as you can. But just as social media can spur interest, it can also increase criticism. Alberta Emergency Alert Government Organization. Authentic, food is really good, and the family is strong xox we love you! Pages Liked by This Page.

Center Lovell Inn

Others hope a popular contest brings in more than they might make from a conventional sale. I love watching flocks of geese and ducks facebook to and from the pond, seeing the cenrer skies, starry nights, wildlife, and views of the snow packed mountains. He then held his own contest, hoping for a fast transaction and maybe some publicity on a local blog. Recent Post by Page.

Being someone used to a cosmopolitan lifestyle, living in the country was doubtful for me, until my family visited my friend in Millarville. Please share my story and details of our contest with as many people as you can. The tale of the Center Lovell Inn in Maine and its essay have almost become folklore, attracting dozens of property owners with similar ideas. A panel of anonymous judges will decide the winner from 25 finalists chosen by the couple. Others want to cotnest rid of homes quickly.


To prevent legal problems, Berry created a Cobtest page and a Google database of information — and lengthy rules — for prospective entrants. We had to list our house because of my poor health, which has been especially bad the last unn months or so.

Last winter, one of the harshest on record in New England, Janice Sage decided she no longer wanted to run the Maine inn she had owned for two decades.

center lovell inn essay contest facebook

Jnn ended his contest after about a month because he did not receive enough. One essay detailed a willingness to start a home for injured war veterans; another wanted to turn the farm into a quilting studio, Berry said.

Can’t beat the location and the mountainous view! Apparel Industry Board, Inc. Berry said she hired a trustee who accepts entries and removes any identifying details, making the essays anonymous before they are forwarded to the couple. In rural Virginia, Carolyn Berry, 62, a teacher, said she had followed the different iterations of the Maine contest before she and her husband, Randy, decided on a contest for their acre horse farm.

Great memories of the blessed life my family has had in this home are priceless. We dared to risk.

‘Win an Inn’ essay contests invite headaches beyond words | The Seattle Times

But just as social media can spur interest, it can also increase criticism. Near Center Lovell Inn. We found ourselves literally willing to drop all the elements of our lives and fly to Maine to run an Inn and restaurant with only one another and hope in our hands.


Since becoming a Daddy and husband I’ve been so busy playing it smart and safe that I forgot what it feels like to risk failure. But those contests were halted after failing to accumulate the thousands of entries the owners needed to cover the cost of the prizes.

Her troubles seem to have abated, but Adams is still dealing with his. Today, we got slapped in the face with silence. At one point, Berry said, she was following 20 contests.

center lovell inn essay contest facebook

On another Facebook page, she keeps track of similar sweepstakes around the country. Moorhead’s Blueberry Farm Agricultural Service. The long process of refunding entry fees then began. There are a bed-and-breakfast in Virginia, a nine-room country inn in Vermont and a brick home in Ontario. Today, we learned we didn’t win I have also let you choose the format of your entry to simply answer: The saga has not appeared to deter others.