They have been so useful for all of the year groups that I teach. Here’s our Privacy Policy and Terms. Real examinations may feature questions of a different style to those used here. This is a one-time task that connects your MIS to Eedi and means that students, teachers and classes will be automatically setup in Eedi and, if new students join your school or if some leave, those changes will be automatically reflected in Eedi. Laraine Hake September 16, at 9:

Thank you so much. Oliver Leyfield March 9, at 8: Ratio — H — Proportion — Recipes v2. Algebra — H — Straight Line Graphs v2. Diagnostic Questions try out quizzes and questions written for the new maths GCSE, have them automatically marked, and read explanations given by students all around the world until you find the one that makes sense to you. Anonymous May 23, at 7: Many thanks for sharing these useful resources.

Just what we need. Husain April 5, at 8: The excitement and apprehension of a new role can be an interest mix. Number — H — Multiples in Context v2.

aqa homework sheet surds

Chloe February 22, at 6: JustMathsMel December 6, at 8: The whole process takes just a few minutes to complete. The first is one of the most important articles, as this is about surs current teachers can support those teachers who are either training, starting their NQT year or moving schools.


STICKY! Exam questions by topic – HIGHER TIER – version 2 | – JustMaths

Algebra — H — Functions v2 — Solutions. Use these in class, or set for homework and assessments. JustMathsMel September 12, at Tariq Mahmood March 4, at Quadratics, rearranging formula and identities.

Really appreciate the effort gone into this — it helps my students a lot. Anonymous February 20, at 9: Algebra — H — Simultaneous Equations v2.

aqa homework sheet surds

These questions are amazing, Can you please give the answers to volume of cones, prisms and pyramids abd also the ratio and proprtion questions. Anonymous April 17, at 8: Legend27 January 3, at 5: Geometry — H — Pythagoras Theorem v2.

C1 Questions by Topic

Anonymous May 11, at This is probably the best way to revise for exams. Ratio — H — Proportion — Recipes v2. This is not to say if a topic came up on paper 1 that it can’t come up on paper 2 in a different form. It is a sort of limbo. When are you going to do for foundation tier? Fantastic resource for me, a year 11 student — I use these all the shete when I need practice on a specific topic.


AQA | Diagnostic Questions

Whilst we are used to always simplifying surds where possible, in this case are they wanting the single surd, which would be root 48?

Maths Conference – Mathsconf13 Wow, what an amazing weekend!

Sam Hoyle December 10, at 4: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. There are several key factors that can make this a stressful situation; not knowing your way around not knowing your colleagues not being embedded yourself as a teacher having a lack of personal space or classroom having to learn the new systems of a school All of these factors are common to any teacher who is new to school, even if they have been teaching over 20 years.

As colleagues to these new members of staff we have a vital role to play. Geometry — H — Rotations v2. Joe June 28, at 9:

aqa homework sheet surds