He claims counter studies are flawed becaue they’re pass fail option? Children , Learning , Decision. Quotes from The Homework Myth Stupid , Tests , Said. Also, Kohn’s writing is very well organized. Is all that practice really necessary when there isn’t a large correlation between homework and high school student achievement either? However, he fails to look at the same issues in the research that opposes homework.

Despite structural issues, it can be a very useful starting point for self-research. I was left at the end of this section feeling powerless. Challenge the status quo. Children , Learning , Decision. Books by Alfie Kohn. Help teachers move away from grading.

But when the school is pressuring you to make your kids do homework, or worse punishing them if they don’t do it. I think this should be required reading for teachers and administrators–and I apfie it for parents, too.

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Brodie decided to homeschool for one year and while she never seems comfortable as a homeschooler, she’s critical of public education and the push for results on standardized tests. First, he states that we should reset the default so that homework isn’t a given. Sometimes we have to put our foot down, Apr 26, Andrea rated it it was amazing Shelves: ChildrenTasksProblem.

John Taylor Gatto Author.

The Homework Myth:

There is a difference between what teachers want to hoomework and what kids actually learn. One cannot help but conclude that one day in the future people will look back in marvel at the pain and suffering adults and society put children through in the name of “education” and “well-being”.


He also critisizes his opponents use of citiations, while flaunting his own out of text citations. Was there any conversation about what constitutes good HW? Well, homework teaches you responsibility. Skills develop rapidly and differentially in young children, which means that expecting all students of the same age to have acquired a given set of capabilities creates unrealistic expectations, leads to one-size-fits-all which is to say, bad teaching, and guarantees that some children will be defined as failures at the very beginning of their time in school.

What I appreciated most about his book is that he doesn’t take the argument that HW is inherently bad and should be repudiated at all costs, but rather that everyone just assumes HW is a fact of life and therefore it must have some redeemable quality. Dec 26, Vance J.

alfie kohn the homework myth quotes

Also, continuing projects not finished in class when students choose not to use class time is another new form of homework that Kohn recommends that I used in my koh with writing workshop. There may be a negative correlation between homework and “learning” because much homework decreases interest in a subject and interest is the number one predictor of success in a subject.

For example, the fact that homework disadvantages some children more than others. That is, families who don’t drink milk with mom and dad after school while embroidering pillows praising God and the government of yore.

The Homework Myth Quotes by Alfie Kohn

Letendre, National Differences, Global Similarities: It’s the experience of being accepted without conditions that helps people develop a healthy confidence in themselves, a belief that it’s safe to take risks and try new things. It drives me nuts when my kids bring home busywork or work that they CAN’T do and then I have to spend my evening mytb instead of enjoying my kids, dealing with their homework frustrations.


Good views that can as well apply on business delegation and thinking of meaningful Projects, assignments or daily tasks.

alfie kohn the homework myth quotes

Saying that this book definitely has it’s merits. What is true of education in general is true of homewokr in particular. SEcond, the track record of those who demand accountabiliyt and tougher standards has not been encouraging in terms of providing needed resources for the many schools and districts that have long been known to be struggling.

Conversely, when an activity feels like drudgery, the quality of learning tends to suffer. Return to Book Page.

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Deborah Meier Education Reform Leader. All in all, though, the book is a good overview of a part of the homework research and literature that gets overlooked. Want to Read saving…. But it is hard to slog through Alfie Kohn’s waterfall of statistics and homewodk, and his conflation of “studies prove This seems to be a good page article the chapter on Rethinking Homework surrounded by relentless attacks.

This style furthers the feeling of thoroughness.