I’ve learned a huge truth about our place in the universe. And by ‘sell the marketplace’ we mean ‘play shooters, sometimes for upwards of 20 hours straight. Part 1″ “Wait, damn, I think I spotted a new email on the last refresh. The tech loops [ edit ] The flow chart described: All the other stuff is thus only there to make it possible to use the computer for these purposes. Oh God, don’t throw those syringes!

Place your bets now! The gregarious superintelligent AI, happily talking its way out of a box, is fast becoming a relic of the past. But when you look deeper, at the person behind the image These ones are just bigger. I mean, with a little remixing, some of this could be kinda good!

I couldn’t find it anywhere. But it says nothing about meerkats.

Soon to be a major motion picture. Maybe asking ‘where do birds go when it rains’ is like asking ‘where does Clark Kent go whenever Superman shows up?

1579: Tech Loops

Oh, no, the ‘Enchanted’ soundtrack was just playing because Pandora’s algorithms are terrible. They almost had me caught in their weird In this context, a tool is mostly any general purpose computer program. Light and high beauty are passing things as well. From this library you can reach all the other connected boxes starting from its only connection: In the future, people who got to pick cool numbers by signing up for Google Voice early will be revered as wizards.


All comics and their score Click here to vote Click here to check the toplist Click here to check the bottom-list Click here to check the chart Total number of votes: Taking advantage of the rice myth by posting articles on “how to save your wet phone” which are actually just elaborate recipes for rice pilaf.

I think I’m giving up dating.

All comics and their score

If we can’t figure it out, maybe we should just give up and just replace all the portraits xkdc the bills with that weird pyramid eye thing. I’ve heard the idea that exposure to all this amateur peer practice is hurting us, but I’d bet on the generation that conducts the bulk of their social lives via the written word over the generation that occasionally wrote book reports and letters to grandma once a year, any day.

Anyway, that’s why I got you this ‘one of the world’s greatest moms’ mug! And finally it exits to two libraries. Also, is it worth it if she throws up? In that broad sense, everything that we do is merely “maintaining a huge chain of technology solely to support itself”.


This is known as Fermi’s Lack-of-a-Paradox. Or that there were so many different crying ones.

xkcd problem solving flowchart

Do you want to get a drink after the game? And their solutions are always the same. Where did you GET that?

Tech Loops – explain xkcd

This is also why your friend at the lab suddenly looked xkce a year older recently. When the tournament began, he promptly became the first member of said club, and over the years it accumulated a large and illustrious roster. Part 1 – https: Click here [link to java.

xkcd problem solving flowchart

All the other stuff is thus only there to make it possible to use the computer for these purposes. Everybody knows you should drink 3, glasses of water a day and change your oil every 8 miles. Liquid Resize – https: Until your body finishes metabolizing the mushrooms. And you’re sitting there! Normally, these are inaccessible except via the pump. Wondering how much shelf space to leave for a Terry Pratchett collection.