He assured her that the new location was “much nicer” and was his personal home. They hold all the inventory. He settles on a couple of cayenne- and lemon-heavy juice shots and places the order through the app. What do people order? Like most tech startups, Wunwun has an origin story. Students says Hnetinka would arrive at parties to greet his “guests,” driving a Porsche.

And once customers get into a habit of using Wunwun they tend to start using it more and more often, he says. Explore eMarketer products Read how companies use eMarketer to make smarter decisions. His eyes light up. First, they had to find their way home. Contact Us Inquire about corporate subscriptions today. Total elapsed time since ordering:

Then he explains how Wunwun will best Amazon, Google, and the rest of the competition in the same-day delivery game. First, they had to find their way home.

How Wunwun Is Helping Best Buy Fight Back Against Amazon

In a moment of desperation, his trusty cofounder, Calvin Lai, ran out the door, making deliveries by foot and subway since the roads were too icy for his bike. Wunwun can route orders to the courier nearest both the desired store and destination, keeping delivery times short, often right around half an hour. If you picked the right items for the businesw, the sales just happened. Hnetinka allegedly called Weiner the day before the prom, saying a noise complaint was forcing him to switch locations.


In another incident, Hnetinka ordered 98 high schoolers out of a house after the landlord became aware of the party.

Hnetinka sees this model repeating itself over and over again as Wunwun scales in Since Best Buy bills customers directly, this arrangement also removes the interchange fees that Wunwun typically pays twice: The mobile app WunWun—which stands for What You Need, When You Need—is an on-demand delivery service that will deliver almost anything within 1 hour via a network of personal shoppers.

We power offline stores online. One family rented two vans from an East Hampton livery company.

wunwun business plan

When we launch in a new city, early influencers, early adopters and local press are what matters. We’ve reached out to WunWun for comment and a representative said they would pass along our request. WunWun is for the convenience nusiness. In one test with Best Buy, a Wii console showed up 19 minutes after the order was placed.

Instead of arranging transportation, he left them stranded: Sachs and several members of her family shuttled many of them to the busuness station. We have sellers, which are stores and restaurants.

What kind of marketing are you using to get the word out about WunWun? In return, Best Buy pays Wunwun a marketing fee, specifics of which the companies did not disclose.

Delusional Delivery CEO Was Once Arrested For Scamming Teenagers

Go busineas the articles: There are a bunch of companies right now that can bring you anything you want delivered within 1 hour. And in most cases, the items a user wants are closer to the user than a centralized warehouse would be.


Through the deal with Best Buy, that order would go not only to a Wunwun helper but to a Best Buy store as well, where a store employee would find and ring up the item. According to New York court records, one prior civil case involving Hnetinka has been resolved.

wunwun business plan

Like most tech startups, Wunwun has an origin story. One parent described his business as a “bait-and-switch operation”:. Then it was seven. In a bhsiness of Hnetinka, Betabeat described him as an “enterprising former Hamptons broker” who had already run two startups. With this Best Buy deal, and two yet-to-be-named partnerships coming down the pipeline, the dynamics change.

Delusional Delivery CEO Was Once Arrested For Scamming Teenagers

Amazon turned brick-and-mortar stores into showrooms. Maybe they were scared by what Amazon has done with their sellers or how they use customer data to then sell items themselves.

That will be the shift change. I steal a glance at my watch.