This course focuses on helping you to adopt a process-oriented and systematic way to eliminate wastes and create value-add to your organisation. More information on funding options here. Learn to formulate a productivity framework effectively to help your organisation achieve better performance. Apply what has been learnt to the day-to-day operation of the organization. Employee s attending this training.

A humorous and innovative trainer – Mr Theyagu is well known for the usage of metaphors and story telling to simplify difficult concepts to be easily understood. Trainee Ratio is 1: Login to find out more about funding. Login to find out more about the funding. Interested in this course? Given a 3 days notice before course commencement, companies may replace participants who have signed up for the course. It involves adopting a systematic approach in improving a process through process mapping, analyse the process and redesign the process.


Problem solving forms the core in what most of us do at work daily. Terms and conditions apply.

All related charges are to be borne by participant. By understanding problems from a systems thinking standpoint, you are able to see how they are interconnected and the impact on your organisation.


A written notification on or after course closing date. Critical Thinking Skills for Breakthrough Performance. Your ability to drive and sustain creative criticak goes a long way to impact organisational success.


Other courses available by Marketing Institute of Singapore. Course Overview WSQ Display Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills powered by Wiley, aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to think smarter by applying logical inquiry methodologies to common business problems. Organization Individual Sign Up Start your learning journey by creating an account with us.

Trainee Ratio is 1: To deal with any matter related to the course.

wsq critical thinking

On completion of this unit, learners will acquire the knowledge and skills in bringing thining resources and processes together to achieve the organisational set goals using variety of process improvement methodologies. Enter the email address you have registered with us and we will send you the new password shortly.

Invoice to Company for Company Sponsored Participants. Cheque made payable to Nanyang Technological University 3.

WSQ Display Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills powered by Wiley

For course administration and billing. Login to find out more about funding. Engaging the Masses, Encouraging Customer Loyalty. This course focuses on helping you gain effectiveness as you lead and support a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in a responsible manner. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: Writing for Social Media: E-invoice for Government Organizations 5.

wsq critical thinking

To submit to governmental authorities for funding verification, administration and survey conducted by them only applicable to funded courses. Seasoned managers who want to brush up on their critical thinking skills.


wsq critical thinking

Cheque made payable to Wssq Technological University. Measures high level reasoning and critical thinking Facilitates judgement, problem-solving and decision-making Suggests critical thinking-related job behaviours Used by major corporations and consultants to identify great managers and develop high potentials Learning Outcomes: In this two-day course, participants will be given practical tools and hands-on techniques to translate ideas into functional actions or deployable plans.

Please use the name in your identification card as it will be reflected in your course certificate. This programme is offered on a modular basis only. To process your application. Login to find tihnking more about the funding. What To Do Now? No Refund SkillsFuture Credit if applicable: He is also an Entrepreneur, Consultant, Speaker and Critcal, with more than 20 years leadership experience collaborating with local and multinational organisations.

Invoice to Company for Company Sponsored Participants 4. The main objective of this course is to enable participants to have a systematic approach to the development of thinking skills.