I know that rotations on the fellowship offer international positions, but what about after? The exact number depends on the needs of our business, and the quality of candidates. The applications are then read by at least 4 different senior executives and graded solely on the responses of those essays. But with only a handful of successful applicants every year, how can you go about making yourself stand out from the crowd? Individual WPP operating companies run their own internship programs, so it would be best to look for opportunities with them. There was also a group pitch project involved in the final stage and all interviews in final round are with a panel of at least 3 interviewers.

But it also requires you to remember that whatever the technological changes around us, we are still in the business of communicating with humans. I also mentor everyone on the program, and the plus current and former Fellows working in the Group ensure that everyone has a robust safety net below them. In broader terms, WPP supports all Fellows in settling into their roles, whether in their home market or overseas. Also the MBA Fellowship is only open to people in their final year of graduate school and does not apply to MBAs who have already graduated. Other Fellows who have worked in the market and the host operating company may also provide support and advice. If you understand that, your chance of success will be greater.

How did you find the interview experience? What to read next: It’s simple to set up.


We also suggest options that you may not have considered and, most important, introduce you to the most senior people in your preferred agencies for discussions about the nature of the role you might fill. Is there any aid from WPP to ensure you settle? Then we help them to set up a structured program that ultimately leads to their goals.

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This diversity of experiences aims to give an MBA graduate the opportunity to use their broad skills set as thoroughly as possible. How much flexibility is there with your choice of company? How does your company compare? Do you have any legal departments in WPP?

Ideally, however, all Fellows are in front-line, client-facing roles, with a significant amount of responsibility. Are you sure you want to replace it?

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Get a free employer account to respond to reviews, see who is viewing your profile, and engage with your candidates. Keep me logged in. Do you have any advice for tackling the essays?

Long term career prospects are very good. This can fellpwship a significant shock to people coming out of the academic world! Very long and challenging application process- written application with essay question sto video submission, to first round face to face interview, to final round with up to 25 candidates.

We ask for a minimum level of 2: Application I applied online. Follow Add an Interview.

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We recruit once a year, and have done since One of the major benefits of the Fellowship is the ability to work in other countries. What can I be doing to improve myself before the interview? It would be up to you to create your own opportunity, based on the experience and expertise you develop during your three rotations. The process typically starts around August every year and ends in November with final decisions announced in December.


Your input is valuable to us — would you mind trying again?

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Yes, WPP fellowshup have a legal department, but applications to that are outside of the Fellowship. We recruit Fellows from all over the world, and they now all start around the middle of August in London.

Is there a method to answering the questions that you prefer? For the second and third year, you make the decision.

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Would they be able to talk about subjects other than our business? You can watch a sneak peak here: We’re sorry but your feedback didn’t make it to the team. View All num of num Close Esc. Fellowshlp regard any degree as relevant, as long as a candidate has achieved a high standard. Interview Very long and challenging application process- written application with essay question sto video submission, to first round face to face interview, to final round with up to 25 candidates.

wpp fellowship essay