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Either them or an understanding colleague. Nik and I have had long discussions about howbizarre being a child must be. One night we got punch drunk and kept laughing at why kids are so averse to potty training. They want to be like grown-ups in every single aspect of life with the sole exception of peeing in a bathroom. 觀光英文: 實務個案範例及應用英語知識 - 鄭鵬 - Google Books Alexis. Age: 19. PleasureP here and im ready to please you in any way I can, it's a pleasure to be able to make someone feel so good at any moment, so if your ready to get pleased by a slim thick, nice, outgoing, unique and fun girl then call P any time day or night #serious inquiry only, #no games and no bloked calls Log in or Sign up. Nov 30, - I think we can all agree, first of all, that a satisfying dump really is one of the purest joys in the world. And while deep in thought, appreciating the natural marvel that is pooping, we wondered just why pretty much every poop you've ever created in life is always accompanied with some urine. Turns out there's. Kleio. Age: 24. Kameliya is the fantasy you've always wanted and deserve to indulge in Daily English for pee and shit Mar 10, - I think there must be many sayings in English for different civilization level? Scenario is: When My wife cannot see me and asks that What are you doing?" I may answer: For shit: I am shitting. I am doing shit. I am making a pupu. I am making bowel movement. I am deficating. Any more? For pee: I am peeing. Bodily functions To urinate or defecate do it; go An unintentional act of urinating or defecating accident To have an urgent need to urinate or defecate be wet; whizz; widdle Urine pee; piddle; piss; wee-wee; wet The urinary system water-works A bed-wetter pissabed Defecation biggies; crap; dump; number two; shit; tom-tit.

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Misha. Age: 29. Hiii Guys Poopeeunknown · Poop is impossible without a little bit of pee, hence the term poopee. "I sat to poop and of course I also had a bit of pee come out, so yeah i did a poopee." "Every time I go to the bathroom I try to poo and not pee, and guess what, it is fuckin impossible challenge". #poop#pee#piss#shit#poopee#butt#dick. To urinate. Golden shower - pee/peep/pee-pee/piss - slash - tee-tee - tinkle wee- wee ^ IS: A woman's menstrual period. IflTE (Curse) - fcF/WS: (Friend) fEMM x (Rag time) * B^W&O/ft (Red sails in the sunset) - jgf^HH M (Ride the cotton bicycle) - IPil^ (Ride the rag)» KfiJS (Ride the white horse) WL\% '□ G.I. Shits. excretion. noun. the process of getting rid of waste from your body. Excretion includes the process of getting rid of carbon dioxide from your lungs, sweat from your sweat glands, and urea from your body in urine.


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