People have their different perceptions on people and their cultures, such as in the passage Lyer stated that “voices are repeating over and over, in Japanese, Spanish, and unintelligible English. You are commenting using your WordPress. Write them below each drawing. The essay starts out with a description of what foreigners experience when they first arrive to Los Angeles International Airport. Whereas for me i believe English is a very easy language. I fully agree to your comment, when people expect a full bag of chips but instead they only half a bag of chips and the other half, full of air. By using a third-person point of view, he depicts the travelers in contrast to their surroundings.

Question 2 In the opening paragraph the author refers to the immigrants and the new people arriving at the airport. I agree with you Alina because the people picture the place different than what it really is. They all speak different languages and have different cultures. What I can relate to in his essay is his personal experience, when it thinks of just arriving to New York for college; I was expecting to see glamorous fashionistas or celebrities. Question 4; Majority of the time traveler’s experiences will match to the reality that they see once they have arrived. In these situations the theme is implied because the writer does not make a specific statement telling readers the theme of the text.

In “Where Worlds Collide”, the “they” that Iyer refers to in the opening line are the people of different races and cultures that have just arrived at the “Promised land”.

Where Worlds Collide- Questions

This essay is written in the third person point of view but if one of the arriving people would have told the story then it will be very different because their expectations are different. Why do you say that the traveler’s expected something totally different? What does summray say about these people?


I agree with you Cesar, since it is their imagination that gets the best of their expectations.

where worlds collide pico iyer essay summary

He also used culture to differentiate the differences in voice. What they did not think about was how America was basically an immigrant owrlds where lots of different cultures mix and clash.

where worlds collide pico iyer essay summary

This site uses cookies. I think that the travelers expectations are different from what reality was because throughout the passage there collife a lot going on there as well as overpriced food and busy lines. Due to the region the traveler’s are from, and due to what they have xollide on television, they expect to to see “millitary planes”, “khaki soldiers in fatigues”, and “blue skies and palm trees”.

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“Where Worlds Collide” by Pico Iyer | Straight From the Mind to the Page

Why does he want to draw our attention to this? I agree because I also think the story was written in a third person point of view. Email required Address never made public.

where worlds collide pico iyer essay summary

Good point Mario you are completely correct on your view. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Where Worlds Collide” demonstrate the ugly true and how new people actually feel in reality. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. You are commenting using your WordPress. In this essay, Iyer states, “They see Koreans piling into the Taeguk Airport Shuttle and the Seoul Shuttle, which will take them to Koreatown without their ever feeling they’ve left home; they see newcomers from the Middle East disappearing under the Arabic scripy of the Sahara Shuttle.

If it was told from another person or perspective worlde would describe specifically what they see and how they feel.

Pico Iyer “Where World’s Collide” Reading Response | Yara Alhajj

I liked how you added examples from the text that helped reinforce how different the foreigners land was from America. They all speak different languages and have different cultures. I agree because your statement has a connection with me.


I think they were expecting something totally different. Critics describe his writing style as both ironic and culturally sensitive. I believe that its to a full extent because just by observing someones culture you can tell a lot about it.

Where worlds collide

Other than the fact that the races are new to the airport, you describing how they are new to a certain lifestyle is genius. QUESTION 2 When the writer say they he talks about the immigrants and the tourist that he sees in and outside of the airport and all the actions they were purposing.

In the opening paragraph they refers to whre immigrants and the wwhere that are arriving at the airport.

Iyer’s opinion about lax as a junction of colliding worlds because of all wherr different cultures and going to different areas of LA. I agree with you Lucero because in the first paragraph it mostly talks about immigrants. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. I agree with you because arriving people would have different experiences so changing the point of view would change the meaning.

So i dont think they imagined it to wkrlds hectic.

The travelers see how their expectations far surpass the reality. I think that if it was in a first-person point of wirlds narrative, then the theme would have been clearer.