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Sep 10, - I grew up in a home where discipline was common,for everyone. I realized there was no age limit the first time I saw my mother go over my father's knee to have her bottom bared for a spanking. I was aware she took occasional walks to the barn to be paddled or, worse, get punished with the dreaded strop. Spanking Kenny's Wife Ch. 01 - Fetish - Amarna. Age: 28. 1h 140e Back to the matter in hand, he inserted a hand in the elastic of her knickers and pulled them down to her ankles. I'll try to answer all email comments, so, just click the link under the story name and then go to the CONTACT tab and tell me what you think. "A bit, but it was soon over. You see, when a couple got married, after the ceremony, the man would take his wife into another room and the Elders of the time would go in with them. There, the man would put his new wife over his knee and spank her bare bottom. She wouldn't have done anything wrong. It was a ritual to. Lynn. Age: 29. Are you a repectful, distinguished, generous and a courteous person more then 35 years old? Are you looking for company to break the routine of a stressfull week or for any other reason? Are you a couple looking to experiment or spice up? Obey Your Elders Mar 14, - I Took Over My Wife'S Discipline From Her Parents. She Was Spanked Often And Hard!: A true, personal story from the experience, I Remember Being Spanked Bare Bottomed Over The Knee. Been married a long, long time now and, still, now and then I have to put her over my knee. She was under strict. Apr 16, - He was somewhat surprised when on the evening of the dance she appeared in a metallic light blue dress, quite low cut whilst not too short, which left her pretty knees and a small portion of her equally pretty thighs evident. In spite of himself, James could not stifle his own thoughts. His wife looked bloody.

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Liona. Age: 21. If you are looking for a sexy and beautiful young woman to be your escort in Innsbruck than I hope you will consider me as a first option being a friendly and welcoming pretty lady that can provide the best luxury escort service Attitudes: A Collection of Real-Life Spanking Stories [Samples] I was already tired. I did what any wife would do who was worried about her husband's reaction – I cursed myself. . Korey was thoroughly embarrassed to be over my knee in the back seat of our car, getting spanked like a naughty girl in a public parking lot. Jul 22, - Upon pulling into the driveway he could see the light to the study was on which more than likely meant his wife was at her computer. He retrieved . “Good, I hope we don't but I will not hesitate to put you back over my knee and spank your bare bottom again should you fall back into old habits. Do I make. She is watched while being spanked and more. Laura agrees to be spanked by boss for offending client. Bella is forced into an arranged marriage with a tyrant. A simple M/F spanking. A Milf dreams of being a ref's new slave. and other exciting erotic at!


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