You might mention how you got involved, what policies attracted you, what you think the party can offer the country. Leave spaces between your paragraphs. Why do you want to do this job and not another political job? Remember to keep your CV succinct and on no more than 2 pages. The main problem here was that applicants did not refer to the job description of being a caseworker. Many CVs are formatted in an order which can be very frustrating for MPs who are recruiting. Some people placed far too much emphasis on what the job could do for them, rather than what they could do for the job.

In the concluding paragraph of your covering letter, try to give three reasons for why you want to work for the MP you are applying to — not generic points on why you want to work for an MP. MPs prefer to employ people who already know something about how their offices are run and what is required of their staff. Jane advertised for a Parliamentary Assistant and a Caseworker and gave away certain information about herself in the process. The candidate has also chosen not to group his political experience — it is hidden in the middle of this paragraph. In this case, Jane talked about the successful applicant drafting PQs and EDMs; preparing briefings; writing press releases; maintaining the website and managing correspondence. Your sections should be grouped in a way that is relevant and attractive to the parliamentary job, not a law job.

As correspondence will be an important part of the job, your letter should be done properly. Of the 28 people who did mention it, 13 were offered interviews. If you can draw parallels between the constituency and another one of which you have experience, do so. Your GCSEs are not necessary. If you did a well-rounded internship, why not split this experience into sections, e. Want a list of jobsearch websites? I am articulate and assured whether in the public arena or in more intimate settings.


Real life story One panel member stated that, in a real recruitment exercise for a caseworker, the tiebreaker decision was w4jp between two evenly-matched candidates on the basis of an error in one of their letters. This is really basic stuff, but so many people got it wrong. One of my greatest driving forces in life is a desire to see the suffering of others reduced.

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This opportunity will provide me a chance to acquire professional and practical experience. Many CVs are formatted in an order w4pm can be very frustrating for MPs who are recruiting. A busy MP or Staffer with CVs covee look at will make a very rapid decision whether they wish to take your application further.

I truly realised that it was a duty to make an individual effort to understand and better the world we live in, and leave it, as far as possible, a little more just.

However, if you s4mp applying for a caseworker position, prior experience of working for an MP would be advantageous but not essential. They have worked very hard to get where they are and they care about what they are doing. Many CVs use the same space talking about their lifeguarding duties during the summer of as they do their recent 3 month internship in Westminster.

You do not need to be humble.

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Once you have clarified what you can offer an MP, start writing to the MPs you are interested in working for. The main problem here was that applicants did not refer to the job description of being a caseworker.

A key lesson when writing your cover letter is that you must always talk about the MP in your cover letter, and why you are interested in their work and what you could bring to it. Needless to say or so we thoughtavoid talking about your social life: A high standard of written and spoken English is also extremely important. Caseworkers typically provide advice and support to constituents on a variety of issues e.


Here is the ad: This was put in to tell you something about the MP, given that you could not research her as she does not exist.

Parliamentary CV Scheme feedback: Application advice from staff

Whilst party membership is not a pre-requisite, you should know which party you support and therefore only target MPs of that party. You can do it.

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It is not a hobby. You need to be able to demonstrate that you will make up for the lack of Parliamentary knowledge by learning it, on the job and even before you start, such e4mp Parliamentary Questions, Early Day Motions and legislative procedure. Applying for internships in constituency offices can be very fruitful, or working as a caseworker or organiser can be a stepping stone to Parliament for those who fancy relocating to London.

What ideas would you like to pursue?

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If you are looking at this page, chances are you have already decided that you want to work for an MP. You might mention the opportunity to conduct in-depth research, work on legislation, generate pro-active media stories, run an All-Party Group.

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I am extremely in tune with current affairs and parliamentary events — including your work in plant lwtter which I studied with environmental politics in my degree.

Or, more commonly, why not. For the Parliamentary Assistant applicants who formed the vast majoritythere was a massive failure to talk about the MP herself.