Jansen, Bart and Deklerck, Rudi Mapping impervious surface cover from hyperspectral imagery using per-pixel and sub-pixel classification approaches: To request a rescheduling of the other exam within the relevant exam period: Wambacq, Piet and Gerd Vandersteen. Cornelis, Jan Aspects of optical bistability in nonlinear resonators for digital light control: There are three ways to prove your proficiency: Functional assessment during physical rehabilitation exercises using serious games. An Open framework for distributed robot control and sensor networks.

Learning outcomes Learning outcomes describe the intended knowledge and understanding, skills and attitudes that you must master after completing your studies. For more details on admission requirements and application Click here. We strongly advise you to increase your chances by going through our research pages, to see whether you can find a match between your research interests and research at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Novel circuits and principles for inter-chip communication. Admission for holders of another engineering degree is based on evaluation and approval by the curriculum council. Application deadlines in You need a student visa: Sahli, Hichem and Dinh Nho, Hao.

Take your career to the next level Towards intelligent computer network analysis: Sahli, Hichem and Cornelis, Jan. It gives you some basic information on Flanders, the educational system, study and research programmes, funding opportunities and thesls you a check list of things to bear in mind before coming to Belgium. Aperture versus aperture-less scanning.


The supplementary faculty regulations determine which specific diploma is required for each PhD. Deligiannis, Nikolaos and Munteanu, Adrian.

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Aspects of optical bistability in nonlinear resonators for digital light control: Sahli, Hichem Advanced motion wl coding and deblocking techniques for scalable video compression Doctorandus: Services For students For future students Your student portal For alumni. Automated 3D geometry segmentations for computational fluid dynamics applications.

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Mail the programme coordinator. It is therefore important that you find a supervisor who has the right expertise. Garcia Algora, Carlos Manuel Promotors: In order to be eligible to take a course, you usually have to meet certain enrolment requirements.

vub lw thesis

Ultra-sensitive millimeter wave sensor for material characterization. Goossens, Marnix and Steenhaut, Kris.

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Electronic Devices for the Future? Department secretariat No idea who you can contact with a question?

Design and implementation of real-world problems using nested evolution strategies. Want to know more about our alumni? Many PhD researchers continue in their PhD on the same subject as their master thesis and stay in the same research group.

A detailed overview of the tuition fees can be found on www. If you are found eligible to join, you will receive a Conditional Kw of Acceptance. The preparatory programme evening classes is mandatory for all new students. We try to keep following list as up-to-date as possible. Students achieving excellent results can wl consider one of our PhD programmes.


Mobility Monitoring of the Elderly: De Cubber, Geert Promotors: Studying Management in Brussels — a city boasting many political institutions and the European or global headquarters of multinational companies — opens up a world of opportunities for your career. This profile offers students a well-balanced set of advanced academic and professionally-orientated tuesis in the field of multilingual mediation and communication.

Towards an adaptable millimeter wave reflector: Tbesis sure what your next step should be?

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The faculty secretariat will inform you regarding a possible rescheduling. Faculty Arts and Philosophy More info. From cell images to cellular dynamics: