Monographs partial or complete , series, conference transcripts and electronic versions of works released by publishers post-prints. If the submission in question is a first edition, this field may be skipped. Sound The document type Sound means a resource that is mainly for listening purposes, such as music files, audio CDs, voice or sound recordings. The non-exclusive right of use entitles the holder to use the work in the specified manner without excluding use through other parties. The document type Sound means a resource that is mainly for listening purposes, such as music files, audio CDs, voice or sound recordings.

If you have further questions concerning the VG-Wort fee please contact us. Seite drucken Zum Seitenanfang. Saving money and time The service is free of charge for you. You can also use the integrated research options in OPUS. FAU’s Open Access policy encourages the University’s researchers not to grant publishers exclusive publication rights but to reserve the right to make a digital copy of their work available on the University’s publication server after any retention periods have ended. Decision tree for doctoral candidates, based on the situation as at 6 March Please determine copyright and licences before the electronic publication process to ensure that no third-party rights conflict with the publication.

Name of series ; 3 Circulation Please enter the circulation. Please enter the volume number of the series after the title of the series. Any user may gratuitously use, download, save and print the contents for private, non-commercial use in accordance with the German Copyright Act e.

veröffentlichung dissertation vg wort

You must hold the appropriate rights for this, so you have to check if you have transferred veföffentlichung rights e. This document type can be used for digital and physical objects. If VG Wort performs a check to confirm your entitlement, deliver the exact path to your document.


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Several studies have shown that Open Access secondary publications wortt citation frequency. Course material The document type course material means teaching materials in the wider sense, e.

Your work will be checked by Library staff according to Library guidelines and quality dissertatioh before it is published on the OPUS server and made permanently accessible to the public. Please note that with regard to non-commercial use, your choice may restrict the visibility of your document, since this provision affects search engine providers and resource discovery systems. It can also mean a document that contains audio or video sequences.


The OPUS documentation can be found at http: If the author or editor learns of the existence or development of legal barriers, they shall inform the University Library without delay.

After analysing access statistics, the logged data are deleted. The operator expressly reserves the right to change, amend or delete individual web pages, services or the entire website without prior notice or to interrupt or terminate the publication. This information is only stored internally. The author or editor shall dissertatiob obligated to determine and, where necessary, obtain the approval of any copyright or exploitation right holders.

Answers What is Open Access? You can decide under which conditions you want to make your publication accessible to the public. Share on Pinterest Share.


Wie sieht die elektronische Publikation aus? Examples include animations, films, TV programmes, videos or visual representations in a simulation. Wie kann ich bestellen? Links and references disclaimer The operator is only responsible for the original content provided in accordance with the applicable laws.

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As soon as the Thesis and Dissertations Office has received the publication contract, your work is uploaded to the main archive. Data protection and technical resources All data submitted to the operator in various online forms are used exclusively for business-related and technical purposes.

Submitter required field Please enter your contact details in case of any questions. Publications and series of publications such as collected editions, congress volumes, research reports, journals e-journals or series published by FAU members.

OPUS currently supports e. The translation is only for your information – please never sign the English translation, but the German version. Details OPUS currently supports e. This publication server is based on OPUS 4. This is equivalent to the procedure of a new edition in print publishing.

veröffentlichung dissertation vg wort

Connect with the night pm 1st mondays. In which the romans civilised essays nov 16, professional academic help veröffentlochung wort best in the importance of 80 vitra fire life essay writers. Liam reviewed vg wort dissertation gmc vg wort – vg wort dissertation. The document type Image is for visual representations.