There are a number of workshops to help you with your thesis preparation, writing and management. UVicSpace is like a virtual shelf of published theses and dissertations on the library website. You know your thesis best. Also, be prepared to think about other possible topics that may be closer to your prospective advisor’s current interests or that may be more feasible at UVic. Please note that the final oral examining committee must include at least one person from outside the home academic unit.

No further communication regarding the student or the thesis should occur between the External Examiner and the supervisor, committee members, or student prior to the oral defense. Whatever you are going to do next, you need to hone your research and writing skills and that is what you will learn as you write an MA thesis. You yourself may have noticed a few things you want to change. If your thesis is larger than Mb or you have appendices or ancillary information for the examiners such as a performance video you will have to bring your thesis and ancillary materials to the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies appropriately formatted on a DVD. Try to keep to the plan.

EducationGraduate Studies. In one chapter, you may be showing why the extant accounts are incorrect.

A uviv is your own project and you have to design it and execute it yourself. You will have entered the program with some ideas about what you might do in the way of thesis research. Details can be defencw on the following pages:. Don’t worry at this stage about whether it all fits together. There may be a second round of questions, and the exam Chair ucic also have a question rarely. Or, you may be considering one theorist or mode of analysis in chapter A and a different theorist or mode of analysis in chapter B.


At this time, compare your final thesis to the thesis format checklist and sample pages. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, accept that this final stage is a very meaningful part of the process, and go into it prepared, knowledgeable, and practised. She will then submit all the forms to the Graduate Admissions and Records Office. In this section home graduate ma program thesis.

uvic thesis defence

Return to global menu. You may be able to make formal arrangements with Accounting Services for payment later. Expand your defende proposal March – April: For instance, you may decide that your original analysis of the problem was mistaken, and that a theory that you had initially discarded is actually the correct one.

Your supervisor will select an External Examiner who has not been involved in the supervision of your thesis. Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search.

You may pass with minor corrections.

uvic thesis defence

Submit your 5-page thesis proposal and time-line to your supervisor and then to the Graduate Advisor. There is a special process for this.

All supervisory committee members are normally expected to be present for their students’ oral examinations. If you have committee members that are off campus and not easily accessible i. A good Master’s thesis cannot be written in one draft, nor can it contain everything that a student writes on the topic addressed.


Master’s thesis – University of Victoria

Note that there is some time between your thesis submission and the defence the External Examiner is allowed 20 business days to thewis the thesis.

This means that you will write three or four times as much as you will ultimately use. Page by Micaela Maftei. You should develop your preliminary thesis proposal in consultation with your supervisor.

Your oral defence: What to expect | Graduate Student Writers’ Community

Your supervisor should be giving you comments and advice on bits and pieces of your work as you go along. This may mean that you start writing in the middle of Chapter Two rather than the beginning of Chapter One. This happens very infrequently; in most cases some changes will need to be made. Having worked out what you need to read in order to understand the problem you are investigating, you will need to begin collecting material, scanning it, and identifying what you will have to read more closely.

Guidelines for oral examinations

Skip to secondary navigation. This is the point at which your draft thesis will be in circulation among the members of your supervisory committee. His advisors will be listening and talking to him via video conferencing on a inch screen on the dock.

uvic thesis defence