It is an integrated treatment of the scientific basis of the field, and its content is assumed, but not duplicated, in the other psychology courses. Courses below the level will not count towards the major. With these exceptions, no course from any other department at Penn or any other domestic institution can count toward Penn’s Psychology major. Study Abroad is an attractive option that all Psychology Majors are invited to consider. Admission to all research experience courses level is by department permission only. Majors and prospective majors should discuss their plans with Dr.

A list of Department faculty and their research interests can be found under Faculty with Appointments in the Department of Psychology. See the Honors webpage for full details: The declaration of the major involves these steps: Admission to Graduate Level Courses. It is best to obtain this information and the approval of the course before going abroad. Students are strongly urged to consult with that office regardless of their plans following graduation from Penn.

Students are offered two means of satisfying this requirement:.

Rules Governing Registration Holds. All psychology majors are required to complete one semester of empirical research. Please visit the department’s website for a complete listing of the Psychology faculty. Philadelphia, PA Phone: Further information about the Department and the field of psychology can be found at our website: Junior Year Three lecture courses One level seminar some juniors complete their research requirement: These courses cover such topics as perception, learning, thinking, biological psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, personality theory, and abnormal psychology.


Exceptionally qualified undergraduates who have exhausted the undergraduate curriculum may be permitted to take graduate level seminars.

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Students who expect to pursue honors in psychology, or graduate work in psychology or a related discipline are strongly encouraged to take a second term of statistics. Frequently, this information can be obtained from the web page of the institution you expect to attend.

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Such first-hand experience is essential to a upenn education in psychology. The non-psych courses cannot be used kpenn fulfill any of the core distribution requirements in the major. Admission to Graduate Level Courses. Therefore, it makes sense to take such small courses fairly early in one’s program.

Students wishing to be considered for the Morris Viteles prize must also deliver a 15 minute oral presentation at the end of the Spring term. All junior and senior Psychology majors are placed on registration hold during Fall Advance Registration.

See the Honors webpage for full details: To allow time for preparing the thesis, poster, and talk, students should complete their data tyesis no later than April 1. The declaration of the major involves these steps:.

Others in the Departmemt. A list of Department faculty and their research interests can be found under Faculty with Appointments in the Department of Psychology.

upenn bbb thesis

Effective Fall ofno psychology course taken at another U. Your Psychology Major Worksheet must be completed prior to your advising meeting and brought with you to the meeting.


upenn bbb thesis

Students with excellent records should consider applying for fellowship funding from the National Science Foundation NSF. See website for advising hours.

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Therefore it invites undergraduates bnb attend the Departmental Colloquium series. Students should also consult the College rules on double-counting when planning their curriculum: Individual research is especially appropriate for students kpenn to go on to graduate school in psychology. Students have until the end of the “add” period each semester to enroll in an Independent Study. See the department website for more information about completing a prokect. Students interested in advanced training in clinical psychology would benefit from some clinical experience obtained as an extracurricular activity either during the year or in the summer.

Students are offered two means of satisfying this requirement: This policy applies bbb all undergraduate students. Note also that it is relatively easy to begin studying psychology in the sophomore year and still complete the requirements of the major.

This is often facilitated by the prior taking of a seminar.