For instance, you may not repeat substantially the same material in a formal written examination or in a dissertation if it has already formed part of an essay submitted for assessment. An aggregated, weighted mark will be awarded for each module you take. What are academic levels? I’m in Creative Computing but most modules we take are same with the Computing and Information course. Students registered within institutions of the University of London can apply to study modules outside their home institution, providing the programme regulations governing their degree programme allows them to do so.

Represents a significant overall failure to achieve the appropriate learning outcomes. However they split the half is random. Disability or long term medical conditions may not normally be used as mitigation where adjustments are provided. Examinations are held throughout the year, depending on your course. Don’t have to complete it asap but start early. The School has procedures for internal double marking or moderation of all modules and scrutiny by a Visiting Examiner appointed from outside the School. To be eligible for any award, a student must have made a valid attempt at all assessments; that is all elements of a module and all modules of a programme of study See section 2.

Programming can be quite intimidating if you don’t have the knack for it so better to start early. What’s the difference between a resit and a retake?

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You should not, for example, wait until you have completed late-Summer re-sits — unless your appeal relates specifically to those re-sits. Specific Grading Criteria Marking Criteria. Assessment methods may include seen or unseen written examinations, coursework, oral examinations viva vocepractical examinations, presentations, portfolios, exhibitions, performances, professional practice.


Some courses may also include coursework, online activities or ‘e-tivities’and a dissertation or project report.

Students who do not fulfil retake requirements imposed by the Board of Examiners may not graduate until the retake is attempted and passed or compensated. The final overall average of the degree classification will be calculated using integers.

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The Examinations and Assessments Manager will consider if the appeal fulfils the necessary coursesork criteria. Queen Mary has a code of practice for assessment and feedback which you can access at www. Students entered to be assessed in late summer who do not trade or submit will be noted as absent and will have used one of their permitted attempts.

You don’t have to come to London to sit your exams! This should also include any first draft mark sheets that contribute to the mark actually given, so that in the case of an appeal, there will be a complete audit trail available.

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Knowing some other basic programming stuffs in advance would definitely help you follow the lessons easier. Students permitted to defer assessment or to re-enter in late summer, will be informed by the Assessments Manager. Coursework will be submitted by students to the appropriate department on the date supplied by the department. What are the requirements for passing coursewok module?

The same material may not for instance, be repeated substantially in a formal written ull or in a dissertation if it has already formed part of an essay submitted for assessment. It is the responsibility of the Departmental Examinations Officer to ensure that the final mark recorded for each assessment is an accurate sum of the marks for all the elements of that assessment.


Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information. You may be deregistered from a module in the event of unsatisfactory attendance or failure to submit the specified assessment.

The mark awarded shall be capped at the pass mark for the assignment.

Don’t have to complete it asap but start early. If it does, he will coursewokr consult an Investigating Officer who will make a decision within 21 days. Last edited by higanbana; at The module mark for your resit will be pegged except LLBand will count for the year in which you originally took the module rather than the year of the resit.

A moderator may not change an individual mark: Remember that handwritten assessments must be legible or they may not be marked. The Enrolments and Records Team will send appropriate enrolment information to continuing students.

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The closest thing to ‘group work’ is probably just simple class sharing presentations. Unseen written examinations are the main form of assessment, particularly at undergraduate level. Tutorials are doing exercises like worksheet questions etc. Examiners should agree a final mark by reference ggrade the original work, learning outcomes and grading courseworo, and if appropriate by employing an internal moderator. An aggregated, weighted mark will be awarded for each module you take.

Lectures are just listening.

uol coursework grade