You should also talk to your Supervisor or Postgraduate Coordinator about any style requirements that are specific to your discipline. School, and ensure appropriate supervisory arrangements are in place. Candidates acquire advanced specialist research Master of Philosophy MPhil training and produce a thesis that summarises the research and provides A Master of Philosophy provides an evidence for independent thought and opportunity for candidates to complete a critical analysis, effective communication component of coursework including and expert knowledge of the discipline research methodology relevant to the field in the international context. You should ensure that your work is organised in a reader-friendly manner, including: Full-time and part- time candidature www.

DO back up, back up and back up buildings do burn down, laptops do get dropped or get stolen — so make sure you regularly back up your work in secure locations. The testamur degree certificate graduation ceremony to have their degree A Unipass is NOT needed to access the and transcripts will not be presented to conferred even if they do not attend that information on the following pages: Childcare places fill report emergencies to quickly, so be sure to get on the waiting list early. School, and ensure appropriate supervisory arrangements are in place. A limited without the permission of the Director number of these scholarships valued at of the Graduate Research School. It is University policy that the names of appointed examiners are not released to any candidate until the examination process is complete.

If an international full-time and part-time enrolment postgraduate research candidate is 2. Once you are ready to submit your thesis, you need to prepare copies of your thesis that can be sent to your examiners.

unsw grs thesis format

If candidates wish to change between of their student visa. Once you are ready to submit your thesis, you need to prepare copies of your thesis that can be sent to your examiners. Candidates must use the Inclusion of Publications Statement to indicate whether publications have resulted from the research.

Candidates are strongly Email: Checking all available scholarship and candidates can be found on the Graduate funding databases. The Graduate Research and their supervisor.


It is University policy that the names of appointed examiners are not released to any candidate until the examination process is complete.

All UNSW research candidates are provided with a free university email account. Once you receive this documentation, you can submit a visa extension request to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

They cover topics including: If your work requires strict confidentiality during the exam process due to Intellectual Property matters, and your primary supervisor agrees, they can declare this on the Nomination of Thesos form.

Candidates can also obtain advice from Careers and employment their supervisor and from the UNSW Careers and Employment Services on the Careers Consultants are equipped to preparation of a resume in the context of provide advice, information and feedback different kinds of job applications. If you would like to request an embargo on public access for other reasons, the request process will depend on the period of time gfs embargo will take place. However, if you would like to specify any potential examiner who you would prefer not to examine your thesis, you are welcome to discuss your concerns with thesid your supervisor or Postgraduate Coordinator tehsis to the nomination process.

This is to ensure enough time for examiners to be contacted, determine their availability based on the projected submission date, and if they agree, nominated to examine your thesis.

Forms, Procedures and Policies for Research Candidates | UNSW Research

Ensure that the thesis library copies Not attending the ceremony have been submitted no later than Once the thesis has been approved four weeks prior to the scheduled For candidates who are unable to attend and the candidate has been cleared graduation ceremony.

If candidates include such publications in the thesis in lieu of a Chapter, they must provide full details of these publications and state their unsq to the work through the use of the Inclusion of Publications Statement. Nomination of examiners Once your Notification of Intention to Submit has been lodged, your Supervisor and unsww Postgraduate Coordinator will be asked to nominate two external examiners. Approval will only be granted when there is strong evidence that such an embargo is necessary.


They may also assist with copy-editing and proofreading. Leave cannot be taken in the award of the scholarship. They may also assist with copy-editing and proofreading. Hard Copies of Your Thesis. If you have included any of your publications from your candidature in the thesis in lieu of Chapters, information on the details of those publications will thessi to be provided, along with the supporting declarations from both your primary supervisor and Postgraduate Coordinator.

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Enrolment forms Outside of the prescribed coursework must be approved by the appropriate subjects for the program if anyresearch School and then returned to the Graduate candidates may not concurrently Research School or appropriate campus undertake any other course of study at office for processing. If the HDC believes that your thesis is not ready for submission, they will determine what remedial action needs to be taken. The inclusion Centre and the University does not endorse matters.

International research candidates on a student visa must be Medical Research, Prince of Wales Medical enrolled at all times. Before provides insurance cover for personal signing any agreement candidates are accidents and travel for research advised to seek independent legal advice regarding contractual obligations including candidates enrolled at UNSW. You should check with your supervisor or Postgraduate Research Coordinator whether your School or Faculty requires any additional copies.

unsw grs thesis format

grw Some credit might then be given for the work done up to their withdrawal. Your abstract should be no more than words. A strong justification indicating the reasons for a restriction of that length of time.

unsw grs thesis format

Debts include all fees, loans, library fines and equipment. If you are an international candidate, you may need to apply for an extension of your student visa.