And I don’t see Neville as being the person set up as the contrast to Severus Snape no, the Gryffindor parallel to Severus is very clearly Harry – nor do I see university Snape defines himself as a victim. Can we cut or minimize intermediaries between charitable donors and the recipients of aid? Keep to word limits and all other guidelines. These suggestions can be helpful points of departure, especially if you’re having difficulty formulating a response. What is the desired balance of autobiographical and scholarly writing? It is true that admission counselors do come across many essays that deal with similar topics. When have you changed?

They have no idea how you have changed or why you might be a good fit for their school. Or you can go a different route, depending on your interests. Once you know the why and the how of your assignment, identify any stipulations regarding length , citation format , the number of required sources both primary and secondary , and, of course, the due date. Many kids need fairly constant interaction with parents while they complete their homework, not to “do” it, but to answer questions. Write for an intelligent non-specialist. As in any research paper, you must cite your sources properly and provide a formatted bibliography at the end.

Students often feel that a specific prompt requires a specific answer. Consider one or two anecdotes that can help you focus and give a human face to your discussion.

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Describe a community with which you identify. What errors or regrets have taught you something important about yourself? Info for Parents Counselors. Media literacy skills can help youth and adults: Does it compare the wars? The mission-market tension in NGO s. Home Admission How to Apply Test-optional essay questions. These suggestions can be helpful points of departure, especially if you’re having difficulty formulating a response. Here are some examples of real prompts that we’ve marked up with regard to the above information:.


What insight have you gained? The benefit of prompts like this one is that they tend to be open-ended. What parts of Wolff’s narrative might be invented and what do they add? While admission interviews are not required, they allow Puget Sound to get to know you and your interests beyond what an application can tell us. Which version tells the greater emotional truth in your opinion, and what is that truth s?

Have you learned something about yourself?

university of puget sound essay prompts

That kind of information is often offered in class when that assignment is made. One is a personal statement; the other is a proposal or statement of intent. The professor has likely included this information to help you, universitu writer, to write a clear not to mention high-scoring essay. This will make your paper much easier to follow than a single block of text.

You probably shouldn’t wait until Thursday night to begin outlining the six-page paper due in class on Friday. Be universuty specific as possible, using examples of language, imagery, music, etc.

Having this information will also give you a sense of the extent and scope of your response: You need to have enough substantial academic i.


university of puget sound essay prompts

If you’re still stuck, schedule a meeting with your professor, talk with a friend, or see a writing advisor at the CWLT! Finally, pay particular attention to the grading criteria. Any Suggestions There are things you univeersity do for an assignment, and there are also things you might do. Quality and breadth of sources: The Jewish wifemother, on the other hand, will likely find herself socially and religiously distanced from the core Jewish community.

This 3-page, double-spaced essay is a study in comparing and contrasting. Love it or hate it, your essay matters.

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If it seems like there are a lot of questions, chances are, you aren’t required to answer all of them professors don’t want to read essays full of a bunch of disjointed ideas.

What is the desired balance of autobiographical and scholarly writing? The prompt begins universify an introductory statement summarizing some of the topics discussed in class and then asks you, the writer, to focus on one, formulate a question related to it, and to respond to that question by conducting research in both academic and popular sources. The concrete examples you choose must be informative and illustrate your point.