European Union environmental legislation will require us and other UK water companies to incur additional capital investment to ensure compliance with more stringent standards. Our focus over recent years has been on improving customer satisfaction. In AMP7, we are going further by pre-committing to a guaranteed rate of benefit sharing with customers through our CommUnity Share initiative, linked to responsible approaches to gearing and dividend distributions. Mogford, speaking after submitting the plans to Ofwat, said: Here is some help to get you started – How to enable Javascript. The Environment Agency controls how much water can be drawn from the environment and the quality of water returned to rivers and the sea. We are cutting bills such that they will be lower in real terms in than they were 15 years ago, whilst also delivering higher standards of service, increasing resilience, delivering innovation and investing for the long-term.

The highlights of the proposal include Better challenge of cost needs internally and with quality regulators. This website works best with Javascript enabled. The table below identifies the costs included within the building blocks of the allowed revenue: Delivering this for our customers will also mean that average bills will be around 14 per cent lower in real terms in than they were 15 years ago in , whilst service standards and environmental quality continue a path of significant improvement. In adopting Ofwat’s early view WACC guidance for the plan, we are committing to a plan that delivers the best affordability for customers on an efficiently financed basis. The proposal also include reduction of over 1 billion pounds in expenditure compared with AMP5, and bold strategy of innovation with further advancements in Systems Thinking capability.

This will effectively open up retail competition for all business customers. Prev Our approach to doing business Next Our journey so far.

In addition, as a publicly listed FTSE company, the other UK and worldwide listed utilities are competitors from an investment perspective.

Water supply competition was opened up in Decemberwhen very large business customers those with ynited annual consumption of over 50 megalitres per year at each site were allowed to choose their water supplier. For our business customers we have been extending the range of value-added services we offer, including our zmp6 engineering solutions and water efficiency advice. These include waste to energy consultancy, engineering advice on the design, build and operation of on-site treatment plants and advice on rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling.


Capital investment is expected to be around this level again for the —20 period and to remain high beyond as we continue to:. We are cutting bills such that they will be lower in real terms in than they were 15 years ago, whilst also delivering higher standards of service, increasing resilience, delivering innovation and investing for the long-term.

Away from the water sector, in line with our vision to be a leading North West service provider, we also benchmark our customer service performance against other leading service providers in our region.

This mechanism provides scope for flexible acceleration in adopting new utiljties so it can improve service delivery to customers faster. These populations are served by the Haweswater Aqueduct for which we are proposing a major scheme, with strong customer support, to deliver replacement tunnels across AMP7 and AMP8 using a direct procurement approach, as this is most likely to be the best value solution.

Increases in customer numbers.

Water industry reveals details of revised PR19 plans

We have reviewed our overall outcome delivery incentive ODI package to ensure that there is an appropriate balance of risk and return. The company also expects to deliver a major water resilience scheme with estimated construction costs of over million pounds in AMP7 and AMP8 to be directly procured for customers in Manchester and the Pennines. Under this arrangement, the new water supplier would buy water directly from the regional water company and be allowed to use their network for this water supply.

We also face risks in relation to busjness future changes in legislation or regulation, particularly with regard to the —20 price review period.

United Utilities’ Water Division Submits Business Plan Covering Period | Markets Insider

Read more about our Performance. This proposed retail household model allows water companies only to charge its customers an amount based on the average costs of the industry plus any allowed company-specific adjustments.

Comparatively low interest rates have also been beneficial to our future cost of debt as we continue with our interest rate hedging strategy. We are proposing a Ofwat is introducing a number of important changes for the —20 AMP6 price review, with the aim of evolving the sector in order to meet future challenges and placing greater focus on customers’ needs.


To date very few customers have switched supplier in England and Wales. Flooding of homes and gardens with sewage is one of the most serious incidents that our customers can experience. Our business plan for the —20 period also means that customers would benefit from below inflation increases to average household bills for the decade to We also serve approximatelybusinesses, ranging in size from large manufacturing companies down to small shops.

United Utilities Group PLC – PR19 Business Plan – Proactiveinvestors (UK)

Our full PR19 business plan can be accessed at the following link: There are currently 10 licensed companies which provide both water and wastewater services to consumers in their respective regions. Read more at corporate. Counting the Cost of Grit Whether it is emptying out tanks and digesters, replacing worn pumps or clearing blockages in channels and pipes, the Read more in Performance.

Given the complex legal and regulatory environment within which we operate, there is a range of risks to which we are exposed. United Utilities has announced plans to cut bills and deliver a “major water resilience scheme” for customers in Manchester and the Pennines in its business plan to Ofwat. For example, we offer flexible billing options, so customers can choose the frequency and timing of bills and we also offer consolidated billing options for multi-site customers.

united utilities amp6 business plan

Fundamental throughout our plan is a bold strategy of innovation, drawing on new initiatives, learning and inspiration from beyond the UK water sector. This target is stretching, but one that we think we have a good opportunity of achieving.

Lower base costs to maintain services, including reduced recovery of pension deficit payments. In line with our expectations and uinted with the company specific adjustments we highlighted when we submitted our initial business plan in December, two key areas we are focusing on are wastewater total expenditure totex and retail average cost to serve.

united utilities amp6 business plan