A grade point average G. Admission to Graduate Study. Degrees and Other Programs Offered. Students may inspect and review their educational records upon request to the Office of University Records. Registration, Academic Regulations, and Degree Requirements.

In some cases, a student may actually be pursuing full-time studies without being enrolled formally in 9 credits. The following paragraphs summarize the grade appeal process. Students who entered under one governing catalogue may prefer the requirements in a subsequent catalogue. A student found guilty of academic dishonesty is subject to severe disciplinary action which may include expulsion from the University. A course load of 9 credits per semester is considered full-time in a graduate program.

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Former graduate students who withdrew without an approved leave of absence must apply again for admission. Penalties assessed by faculty members for academic dishonesty generally consist of a reprimand, a requirement to resubmit the work in umasd more acceptable form, a lowering of a grade, failure in the course in which the alleged infraction took place, or a combination of these. All third-party requests for information should be addressed to the Office of the University Registrar.

The university has designated the following categories of student information as directory information: For certain special coursework e. Newly admitted students should contact the department for information about the assignment of an advisor. Directions for Correspondence or Inquiries.

The university is allowed to disclose certain basic information about students without their assent, and is in fact required to do so by state statutes. University policy and Massachusetts state law require faculty to offer makeup assignments or exams to students who are absent for religious observance.

Only level courses in which the student receives a grade of B not B- or better may be accepted toward degree requirements. A student may request of the Graduate Director a leave of absence for a period no longer than one guidelinse year, subject to specific limitations for that graduate guldelines.


In some cases, a student may actually be pursuing full-time studies without being enrolled formally in 9 credits. Diplomas and guideliens show the date of degree conferral as in the table below.

These are values that are fundamental to the mission of this University. If a student does not re-enter the University in the following semester but umss to at some later time, he or she should apply for a leave of absence, or be subject to the re-admission procedures, described below. In the case of incompletes, the actual work will be completed after that date.

We wish to alert students to possible negative consequences of withholding disclosure of directory information; an example might be a company asking for a current address to contact you to offer you a job.

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Guide to Catalogue Entries. Instead of or in addition to assessing such penalties, a faculty member may refer the matter to the UMass Dartmouth Student Judiciary. Change of Student Information. Per federal law, umasx remains a requirement that all students submit their social security numbers except international students who lack them ; this number is used in tax reporting and in some financial aid and hiring situations.

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All UMass Dartmouth students are expected to maintain high standards of academic integrity and scholarly practice. Students are responsible for adhering to class rules and policies and are subject to penalties for violations.

To maintain status as degree candidates, full-time graduate students must remain guideliines continuously exclusive of summers or receive an approved leave of absence.


Indicates satisfactory completion of course requirements. Withdrawal from the University. Registration must be completed by the end of the Add-Drop period as shown on the academic calendar for the semester.

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Information for International Graduate Students. This individual will offer advice to both students and faculty about the issues involved in penalizing academic dishonesty, and the process of appealing such penalties.

umass dartmouth thesis guidelines

Rights Concerning Grading Practices. Students must carry their ID cards at all times and must present them to any university official upon request. Students may deposit money in their account by depositing a check, to take advantage of the following services: Because each edition of this catalogue is prepared significantly in advance of its distribution and it may not be re-edited every year, changes may go into effect before the next edition is printed. Examples would include students who knowingly allow other students to copy their exam answers, and students who give papers that they have written to other students so that the other students can submit them for credit.

The grading system—as applicable for graduate study—includes the following letter grades and quality points:. Access to Individual Educational Records. A student who wishes to withdraw from UMass Dartmouth during any semester or term should file a Withdrawal Notice Form with the Registrar.