PhD candidates must complete all degree requirements prior to participating in the commencement ceremonies. Graduate Opportunities at UMass Dartmouth. A second year of leave may be granted in exceptional circumstances. The following paragraphs summarize the grade appeal process. Newly admitted students should contact the department for information about the assignment of an advisor. Registration is the process by which students enroll in courses each semester.

In the MFA programs, the visual thesis must also have been completed prior to commencement. Only level courses in which the student receives a grade of B not B- or better may be accepted toward degree requirements. Maintenance of University Records. Colleges, Departments, and Programs. A course load of 9 credits per semester is considered full-time in a graduate program. Students completing final required courses in spring had the degree conferred on May 23, when graduate commencement was held that year. Graduate Opportunities at UMass Dartmouth.

If there is no notation, regulations are in effect as of the date of the catalogue. They may request permission to have that newer umas apply to them; in such cases, however, they shall then adopt all requirements from the newer catalogue.

A second year of leave may be granted in exceptional circumstances. Students must carry their ID cards at all times and must present them to any university official upon request. However, the student, not the advisor, is ultimately responsible for seeing that his or her program fulfills any and all requirements for the degree. Students on leaves of absence who exceed their stipulated time on leave will be considered to have withdrawn and so will be subject to the re-admission procedures.

Notations may indicate when specific regulations tnesis or will become effective.

umass dartmouth thesis guidelines

Graduate students with a non-thesis option may participate in the graduation ceremonies only if they have completed all course requirements and are expected to complete other requirements e. Such changes will be clearly stated in university policy documents. It is not offered electronically or sorted by special categories.


umass dartmouth thesis guidelines

As noted earlier, a student is expected to meet his or her financial obligations to the university. Degree Conferral and Commencement.

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Dattmouth third-party requests for information should be addressed to the Office of the University Registrar. The Registrar will enforce policies to see that transcript requests are reasonable. These are values that are fundamental to the mission of this University. Thseis would include students who knowingly allow other students to copy their exam answers, and students who give papers that they have written to other students so that the other students can submit them for credit.

To give an example, students who completed final required courses in December had the degree conferred on January 31,as did students completing a final required course in the January Intersession. Grade Appeal is a last resort.

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Students in the MBA program, which has no thesis or project, must have been certified as having all requirements completed to participate in the Spring commencement ceremonies. New students may register after being accepted as degree candidates and after receiving academic advisement thesiw course approval. Per federal law, it remains a requirement that all students submit their social security umas except international students who lack them ; this number is used in tax reporting and in some financial aid and hiring situations.

Grades and Grading System.

Theses and Dissertations

Information for International Graduate Students. Only level courses in which the student receives a grade of B not B- or better may be accepted toward degree requirements.


The university is allowed to disclose certain basic information about students without their assent, and is in fact required to do so by state statutes. Students may deposit money in their account by depositing a check, to take advantage of the following services: Currently dartmoth students may withhold disclosure of the above categories of information by submitting written requests to the Enrollment Services Center.

Whether for a one- or two-semester course, the grade received at the end of each semester stands as the final grade for the semester. Once a non-disclosure request has been filed, it will remain in effect until further notification from the student. Course grades are recorded for the term in which the student registered for the course. Students who entered under one governing catalogue may prefer the requirements in a subsequent catalogue.

umass dartmouth thesis guidelines

At the beginning of a course, students have a right to be told what and how much work will be required and the detailed basis of grading in the course. The following paragraphs summarize the grade appeal process.

Thesis and research poster templates

Only after the student meets all financial obligations to UMass Dartmouth will the registration be considered final and official. A graduate student having a thesis requirement may participate in the Spring commencement ceremonies only if the student has completed all course requirements prior to commencement and has the reasonable possibility of finishing the thesis by the end of the fall semester following commencement.

Note that this verification method does not qualify a student for an assistantship.