Submit a new link. I was too lazy to read the textbooks and found the prelectures not so helpful. Discussion 5 Quiz 4. They may not cover all the materials. Prelecture 6 Barrier penetration and tunneling.

Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. If you are too lazy to work the problem out at least to where you get stuck it is kinda your fault. For what it’s worth a lot of people struggle with simply because the concepts aren’t intuitive. Submit a new link. Given the lack of a regional subreddit, it also covers most things in the Champaign-Urbana area. They may not cover all the materials.

So here’s what I got on my plate this semester: This subreddit is not sponsored or endorsed by homewor, University of Illinois or any other on-campus group.

uiuc physics 214 homework answers

Prelecture 1 Quantum Physics. Prelab 2 Lab 2: UIUC subscribe unsubscribe 32, readers users here now After years of shady and illegal behaviorSuburban Express has officially shut down. No Prelab Lab 3: I am doing well in my other ece classes, had a 3. Just be prepared to take more time on homework.


uiuc physics 214 homework answers

You lost my attention at the part where you told me about your community college GPA. Homework 3 due Online Quiz 3 due. ECE is just hkmework kids who cant do well in other topics.

Phys (Quantum) advice : UIUC

The lectures and assignments can sometimes be unclear. Submit a new text post. Asking the TA to walk you through the steps in the problem is the same as solving it for you. Lasers, Macroscopic Superpositions Text: If you are too lazy to work the problem out at least to where you get stuck it is kinda your fault.

As a matter of fact, every TA I go to I strictly say ‘dont give me the answer’. How do you expect someone to use the reasoning not given to solve a problem? If you find that question annoying, then you’re easily annoyed.

Semi- Conductors and Insulators Text: You have to push the iron yourself. I’ve heard is not as bad, but still very challenging. They are available to download. PHYS Fall Prelecture 2 Phasors, multiple-slit interference and single-slit-diffraction. Prelecture 4 Single-particle interference and the principle of complementarity.


University of Illinois Physics

But it sounds like you’re just making excuses. I took at my community college very demanding community college, College of DuPage Personally, I found easier than and I’ve heard mixed opinions on this matter.

It’s probably been removed by the overzealous reddit spam filter. I find it very hard to believe your statement that you didn’t talk about the concept involved in that problem in class.

That isn’t how you get better at a class.


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