After the thesis has been accepted and graded, the student must take a maturity examination. Any student who is dissatisfied with the decision may seek rectification according to the instructions attached to the letter of decision. Previous Master’s thesis topics in Environmental Policy and Law Thesis topics of our graduated students: Procedure concerning the evaluation of Master’s theses can be found at:. After the Dean has appointed the opponent and the custos, the doctoral candidate contacts the editor-in-chief or a deputy editor of the publication series of the Faculty of Science and Forestry in order to get permission to publish the dissertation see separate instructions for dissertations in the Forestry field below. Send the thesis to editor Pertti Pasanen. After getting the statements from reviewers, I need to modify the thesis according to their comments.

The lenght of the abstract is less than one page and it does not usually contain any references. Contact the photographer Varpu Heiskanen varpu. Custos represents the University at the public examination. You can request an ISBN number by filling out this form after you have agreed publishing with the editor of the series. The layout templates have readily defined styles for headings, sub-headings, body text, and tables. The Faculty of Science and Forestry will hold a graduation ceremony both on the Joensuu campus and on the Kuopio campus.

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The preliminary examiner of a doctoral dissertation may not be a supervisor, nor may he or she work in the same research group or be otherwise disqualified. Both the English and the Finnish versions temllate be published on the university website. Irrespective of the nature of the work, it must always contain a review on the background issues of the topic on the basis of relevant litterature. List of references always starts on a new page. Research areas How to apply?


When the supervisors of the doctoral dissertation assess that the study is ready for reviewing, the doctoral student submits the work to be reviewed. Figures and tables are numbered and must have captions that specify their content.

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When the Master’s thesis is submitted electronically for examination, it is automatically saved on the library’s network drive. A doctoral dissertation can be described as a scientific presentation based on independent research that promotes knowledge in the discipline in question monography.

uef thesis template

You will receive an email notification when the examination process has been started. This step can be done beforehand. Custos represents the University at the public examination.

The syntax of references is domain-dependent, but at least the following information must be available:. Firstly, to ensure that you have produced and written the materials of your thesis by yourself, and secondly, that you are able to express yourself fluently by writing on the substance area of your thesis.

The editor gives further instructions on, e. The reader is oriented in the context of the other chapters. The print run contains: The officer at the department or school sends the student the examiners’ evaluation report and a form to be completed.

For more information about the electronic publishing of dissertations, uff see the UEF Electronic Publications service. During busy periods, such as at the end of calendar and academic years, the time of delivery may, however, be longer than three weeks. An important issue is uwf a critical evaluation of the subject.


The detailed instructions are always given in the master’s thesis seminar or by the thesis supervisor.

uef thesis template

The university determines the sufficiency of the articles in the case of an article-based dissertation. He will send back the keyword classification.

Completing a Degree

The preparing officer at the department or school drafts a decision on the examiners. At the busiest periods, such as at the end of the autumn and spring terms, delivery times may be longer. Abstract Students must include an abstract to the thesis 1 page. For the spring semester the deadline is 30 April if a student wishes to graduate within the spring semester. The doctoral candidate ensures that one of the copies printed by the printing press is taken to the UEF Library for display at least 10 days prior to the public defence archive copy.

Pre-story before my defense. If the name is included in text, only the year is enclosen in parenthesis, e.

You can take a look at previous thesis topics in the UEF e-publications. The permission for reprinting must be announced on a separate page at the beginning of each article, in the table of contents and after other possible indexes. Thesie Dean appoints the opponent and the custos.

Before graduation and once the thesis grade has been registered to WebOodi, the completed studies must be compiled and registered as part of a student’s degree.