They include scales on analysis, presentation, and referencing. Further guidance can be found in the Senate Scales – Guidance on Use. Collusion Working with others in an unauthorised manner. Evaluation, 14 1 , pp. Evaluating health and education service delivery This lecture will discuss the evaluation of health and education interventions, making use of concrete examples from these sectors. A collection of academic departments which are grouped together for teaching, research and administrative purposes.

Welfare, outcome measurement, cost benefit and cost effectiveness analysis 3. Can be applied in cases where coursework is submitted late or student violates word count guidelines. The maximum mark the student can attain; e. An Alternative Approach to Causal Research. Remarks on Its Philosophical Foundations.

Discussion – What do we know about the impact of microfinance?

uea senate scale coursework

The maximum mark the student can attain; e. Administrative support for students.

Teaching block Arts 1 in the Arts Building. Experienced markers review and scrutinise the marks awarded on each module. Good use of paragraphs and sign-posting. Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.

uea senate scale coursework

Refers to someone who is taking time out from their degree due to circumstances, such as illness. Regulations Regulations are the rules under which your degree ssenate run.

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Uea senate scale dissertation

Should this impact be measured using indices of inequality or indices of relative deprivation? Chapter 1 1 Cost benefit analysis. The University Senate Scales outline the marking criteria for all types of assessment and assist in the marking of Coursework, Dissertations and Oral Presentations.

Quantitative Methods and Practices. Credit is a nationally recognised measure of sfnate amount of study and how much learning a student has done.

Marking Criteria – UEA

Submission Coursework handed in for assessment. UEA has four faculties: The Coursework see below under Assessment is the key way for you to make the material covered in the module your own, and should direct and focus your efforts. When referring to the work of coursweork, from books, journals or any other source including the internetit is senate that you make this clear by acknowledging your source and referencing correctly.

Specific Learning Difficulty Support. Penalties are deductions made on the assessment mark. Power to the people: It can also refer to the building.


British Medical Journal,pp. Security – Report an Incident. Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.

uea senate scale coursework

Bob Champion Research and Education Building. Evaluating impact of environmental projects BK Deadline Workshop report: Mark capped The maximum mark the student can attain; e. Vision Faculty A collection of academic departments which are grouped together for sclae, research and administrative purposes. Using Randomization in Development Economics Research: The coursework feedback sheet will include marker comments on each of these criteria.

Transcripts contain information on the course and units studied, and degree awarded. To provide you with an initial set of references on a number of themes that might feature in your coursework.

Students can access and amend their personal records, log absences, submit coursework. Prentice Hall, 4 th edition. The examples used will be drawn from the development literature and iconic IE case studies.

Can be for medical and personal reasons.