If the factory is not well build with standard rules will provide poor road conditions and eleactricity and will cause health hazrds to the people working there and also to the poeple nearby. Which one do you prefer? You have enough money to purchase either a house or a business. Which point og view do you agree with? Where would you prefer to live? A person should never make an important decision alone. By ruthtessema in forum TWE.

Do you prefer to spend your time alone or with friends? Do you think microwave ovens and fast food restaurants are beneficial to society? Many students choose to attend schools or universities outside their home countries. Should employers offer “jobs for life”? Would you rather have the university assign a student to share a room with you, or would you rather choose your own roommate? It has been said, “Not all learning takes place in the classroom.

TOEFL Writing: If you could change one thing about your hometown, what would it be?

In your opinion, what does success come from? Luck has nothing to do with success. Compare the advantages of having friends who are different from you with the advantages of having friends who are similar to you.

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My neat city would grieve about a building of a factory. Food is now easier to prepare.


Others believe that going to classes should be optional for students. You have decided to give several hours of your time each month to improve the ##005 where you live.

Back to top Note: Businesses should do anything they can to make a profit. Some high schools require all students to wear school uniforms. In some countries, people are no longer allowed to smoke in many public places and office buildings.

toefl essay #005

Do you support or oppose this plan? Some people todfl to spend time with one or two close friends. The expression “Never, never give up” means to keep trying and never stop working for your goals. Use specific reasons and details to support your opinion. High schools should allow students to study the courses that students want to study.

Tell which method of travel you would choose. Do you prefer to spend your time alone tkefl with friends? This website is not endorsed or approved by ETS. With the help of technology, students nowadays can learn more information and learn it more quickly.

# A company has announced that it wishes to

Use specific reasons and details in your answer. In case of factory a noise problem would appear.

Since its advent, internet touched every part of our life. In this fast developing world, students are the most important persons for making development and progress to any nation. In your opinion, what is the most important characteristic for example, honesty, intelligence, a sense of humor that a person can have to be successful in life? If you could change one important thing about your country, ewsay would you change?


Do you agree or disagree with this point of view? Compare knowledge from books with knowledge from experience Your school has enough money to purchase either computers for students or books for the library.

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Hoefl will defenetely help them when they end up their student life and enter into their job life. Some people prefer to work for themselves or own a business.

The government has announced that it plans to build a new university. Why or why not? The bases for my views are educational, social and intellectual.

Compare the advantages of living in university housing with the advantages of living in an apartment in the community. Which type of contribution do you think is valued more by your society?