Literary Analysis on The Namesake. In the same context, spending time with his Bengali allies in the States is not essential. However, Indians find it more appealing to engage in Easter activities and the Christmas celebration. Remember me on this computer. Both the woman to become central in the discussion of this thesis because they have a duty or dharma they must run in the family and social environment that is as girls and wives of the tribe Bengali-Indian, so they should be subject to the cultural traditions that are absorbed from religion Hindu. Furthermore, Gogol, in particular, admired the American cultural values, forcing him to adopt both the American and Indian cultural values, given that other immigrants who came to work in the U.

As a result, Gogol develops a passion for art, leading him to seek a career as an architect in honor of his grandpa who was an artist. Instead, Moushumi who live a lifestyle of Western society, disregarding the Bengali-Indian culture. The crux of Jumpa Lahri’s writings hover around the issue of the palce of the individual identity with juxtaposed cultures,Lahri’s very first navel ” The Namesake” like her award winning collection of short stories ” Interpreter of maladies explores the theme of what. After all, not letting kids marry the spouse of their choice is more barbaric and in most cases, the civilized, which includes the rich- Maxine’s family, may not have time to keep track of their kids’ dating tendencies, rather spend such valuable time doing productive activities. Consequently, Indian parents had to integrate the American way of living to cater for their children’s needs, making the assimilation of the American way of life prominent among the young Indians. An Exercise on Literary Translation:

Identitas juga merupakan tema yang sering terdapat dalam suatu karya sastra karena keterkaitannya dengan manusia sebagai pemilik identitas. An Exercise on Literary Translation: Belum lagi bagi Ashima ia juga berperan sebagai ibu sehingga tugasnya lebih berat.

S found it labiris to adopt the American way of worshipping, thus, spreading the American values.

The Namesake

Jumpa Lahri being “an Indian by ancestry, British by birth, American by immigration” and like her parents having the experience of ” the perplexing bicultural universe” of Kolkata in India and Boston U. Bengali rituals motivate the naming of Gogol.


This is due to the fact that it is a special use of language that is deviant from ordinary, everyday, non-literary language. As an adult, someone will find her own identity through life experiences which is the process of establishing his identity as a human being.

Also, he embraces his Indian relatives in his native home and feels more of an Indian than an American. On the other hand, Maxine comes from an affluent family.

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According to the Bengali tradition, one is given two names to be used in distinct social situations. Thesls food The American food plays a crucial role in the shaping of the American identity and provides a clear distinction between the poor and the rich. Later, Gogol Appreciates the American way of naming; he feels more attached to the culture compared to his native Indian.

thesis on jhumpa lahiris the namesake

The paper concludes that literary translation is complete cognitive process which involves a perception not only of the content and its connotations, but also of all the other linguistic, phonetic and figurative features which have created the Source Text and given it its literariness. Singkatnya, gambaran Ashima yang tradisional dan Moushumi yang modern dalam menjalankan peran mereka sebagai wanita Bengali-India mencerminkan identitas mereka yang mereka dapatkan melalui proses dalam kehidupan.

thesis on jhumpa lahiris the namesake

Naming The author focuses on how culture helped in shaping up the American identity. American Studies – Literature The making of black female revolution Instead, Moushumi who live a lifestyle of Western society, disregarding the Bengali-Indian culture.

thesis on jhumpa lahiris the namesake

However, Gogol later renounces the pet name and rebuffs the social area where such a name was intended to be used. Identitity, Bengali – Indian, women, Jhumpa Lahiri, The Namesake, feminism Identity is a hallmark, feelings, and beliefs that distinguish one person with another person in the vicinity.

However, this facilitates diminishing of the Indian culture as more young Indians such as Gogol appreciate the American identity at the expense of their origin, with the belief that gaining such a personality would lead him to the life he dreams. Identitas sejak lahir dapat terlihat melalui nama seseorang yang diberikan oleh orangtua atau keluarga karena nama merupakan identitas pertamanya selain jenis kelamin. In the light of the terms stated above, this paper proposes a literary examination of Jhumpa Lahiri’s works through the viewpoint of diasporic consciousness.


Further, the burning of the corpse disturbed Gogol who saw the American way of burying and having a stone bear the name of the deceased on the grave to be ideal. Selain itu, sebuah nama memiliki arti bagi si pemberi nama atau harapan bagi yang dinamakan. His desire to travel is to lxhiris, instead of reaching a specific lahiirs. Rajajopalan describes as “immigrant experience and the clash of cultures in the US. Conclusion In summary, the American identity has been shaped dramatically by family, cultural practices, and environment.

Analyzing American Identity in Jhumpa Lahiri’s “The Namesake”

Surprisingly, as much as he avoids his origin, approving his Indian name, Nikhil, does not seem to bother him. Family The author demonstrates how Gogol struggles to come home both spiritually and physically because his family is penniless Lahiri K Narayan,Kamla Markandaya exposed the harsh realities of their times, the post modern Indian English writers connected and brought forward entirely new fangled set of themes which are as wide ranging and complex as the life in the age of globalization.

One lahieis the elements which club these literatures under the umbrella of diasporas is the prominent feature of remembrance of the homeland or the motherland.

Skip to main content. Additionally, the changing of his official name from Gogol to Nikhil, his marriage to Moushumi and the premature death of his father marks his turning point. From this observation, it lahoris clear that Gogol does not feel displaced because he is in America.