Note how nicely it breaks across the page – NO extra effort needed to manage this, which you would face if inserting “OpenDocument Text” object or if using “Simple TextBox”. Write or copy into the document, then use a fixed type font, arrange formatting and hope that Word didn’t uppercase stuff for you. Insert a table with single column. Unicorn Meta Zoo 3: Granted, there are some add-ons you can install which can highlight on demand, but I have yet to find one which can easily re-style all your code blocks with a different style if you want. Nader Belal Nader Belal 67 7.

Note that some editors e. However, it would be very nice if there were a way to add a real code style, i. It will open a new tab, with syntax-highlighted code snippet, in this case the XML sample we chose. What it does do is support dozens of languages, whereas the aforementioned IDEs are limited to a handful each without other plug-ins. Then, under styles, deselect the “margin” property in “.

thesis formatieren word

Email Required, but never shown. You can use altchunks to add it to the word documents.

Create a ” Paragraph Style ” with the name of ” Code ” just for your code snippets check https: Code snippet shall have spell-check disabled. Using or not the syntax highlight is a matter of taste, and it may be not a good idea to impose it on the reader. My examples are primarily in Java. I’ve had good luck with both VS and Eclipse in doing just this- using the IDE’s editor to do the syntax coloring and any formatting I likethen cutting and pasting directly into word.


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Link does not work. The nice thing about that is Word treats it as a figure so I can place a caption, and Word won’t try to spell-check.

Steps to achieve syntax highlighting are listed below: Copy and paste screenshots of source code from the IDE. Hi ParameshKorrakuti, If by the border you mean the ‘light grey colored background behind the numbers’ shown on the syntax highlighter website, then I have not been successful at thesks that. Started using tables today based on another SO QA, so far working well. Code snippet shall break across pages smoothly without any extra effort. Steps are listed below: I think this is the best solution.

How to format code in a thesis (Word document)? – Academia Stack Exchange

I absolutely hate and despise working for free for Microsoft, given how after all those billions of dollars they STILL do not to have proper guides about stuff like this with screenshots on their damn website.

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I certainly understand you. Note how nicely it breaks across the page – NO extra effort needed to manage this, which you would face if inserting “OpenDocument Text” object or if using “Simple TextBox”. However, if I change my font size, I’m formtieren. Why on earth would you want to emphasize the syntactic sugar? Insert a table with single column.


thesis formatieren word

When you cross reference caption it inserts entire code itself to how to solve this problem? You can now make cross references, create a table of figures. Right click the object, and select ‘add a caption’. Personally, I’d want syntax highlighting in every situation where I read code.

This will only take up to one page of code. Code snippet shall be inline with other text.

Academia Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. Firstly, I would suggest you to carefully consider whether you indeed want to retain syntax highlighting in a source code, embedded into a thesis document. Calchas Calchas 1, 6 This is what i did. Does this apply to the embedded code as well? Doing things by hand makes you lazy: Select the syntax-highlighted code and click copy.