Inequalities in food, e. Most of our students take part in our research projects and their theses contribute significantly to project results. The Academic Internship Course Guide will help you from the organisation to the completion of your academic internship. During the first meeting with your supervisor, you will obtain further information about the thesis trajectory and requirements. Science and democracy Ethnobiology and local knowledge Diversity in science and technology Responsible research and innovation.

Twitter Whatsapp Linkedin Email. During the remaining thesis trajectory, every text will only be read twice: The thesis is a compulsory element of your MSc study programme and the culmination of your studies. General topics Consumer and technology from the user-perspective Application of technology in daily setting at household level Household production and care issues analysed by means of Practice theory Durability in the context of daily care e. General topics policies and politics of healthy lifestyle and sustainable living consumer policy e. The difference between siblings either between brothers and sisters, or first child; second child and so on in care for the parents during old age.

Afterwards, also the assessment of the thesis or internship is formalised.

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During the remaining thesis trajectory, every text will only be read twice: Agricultural innovation systems Boundary work and objects Open and inclusive innovation Food value chains Sustainability transitions. If you want to travel to a country or area with a higher or visible safety risk, you must do the following:. Hilje van der Horst Thesis topics. Check the available coordinatro topics below Have a look at the list thesos previous thesis topics Attend thesis colloquia of fellow students Check the fields of interest of our staff below.


Health and society but also for interested students of consumer studies Inequalities within households relating to care and well-beinge. Sustainable Urban Infrastructures coordinayor.

Over the past 5 years, the number of PhD projects has increased considerably, with researchers coming from all parts of the world. The subjects for a thesis research are often associated with the group’s five core research innovation themes. Read the study guide which you can download at the bottom of this page.

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Make sure you properly reference all your sources while writing check out the statement of plagiarism on the side of the page for the detailed explanation. Content Search box Breadcrumb. Hence, creating insight in the way diversity is given shape in worksite health promotion is warranted.

In both cases students can expect full support from supervisors. In the case you want to perform a thesis study at the industry or abroad, you follow the same procedure described above.

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cooedinator If applicable, read the laboratory rules which you can download at the bottom of this page. Possible research questions are: With your BSc thesis on this topic, you can contribute to getting this overview. Visit the Study Handbook website for more detailed information.

Topics related to cultural capital, as expressed by Bourdieu, and status goods. What impact does financial stress have on well-being?

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Below you can see thwsis flowchart to help you get started. The intake meeting is mandatory and can be booked online via Calendly. Twitter Whatsapp Linkedin Email.


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Once you have made contact with a potential supervisor, you will further select and demarcate the research subject. The intake meeting with the education coordinator will link the thesis topic to a possible supervisor. Diversity in worksite health promotion The World Health Organization has identified the work setting as one of the most important settings for health promotion.

Students are expected to prepare for the intake meeting by selecting one of the five research themes to do their MSc research in and one or two thesis projects of interest that fall under that theme. Content Search box Breadcrumb.

voordinator Writing a thesis is an individual process whereby a student takes a full responsibility for its outcome, being assisted and guided by an academic supervisor. Fields of interest of our staff.

Twitter Whatsapp Linkedin Email. Twitter Whatsapp Linkedin Email. Integrative approaches of well-being In order to promote health or well-being effectively, it is increasingly recognized that interventions should rhesis focus on only one domain for example physical healthbut on more domains for example social domain and physical health.

thesis coordinator wur

Do parents provide their children with equal chances on things like: