For Lyman, someone who has money, to hang on to a beat up car instead of going out and buying a new one, proves how special the convertible was to him, and more importantly how special his relationship with his brother was to him. Understanding of his impossibility to adopt in the peaceful life makes Henry to commit the suicide. Henry repaired the car. Returning to the settings, it is important to mention that the descriptions of the nature in the story always have symbolic meaning. The way Erdrich ends the story gives the reader the idea of eternal life. Wong, Hertha Dawn, ed.

It is important to mention, that the narrator describes his family with little but accurate details. Erdrich avoids the direct characterization of the characters, quite the contrary; she creates the image of every personage through his or her actions. They purchased the car together in Winnipeg, drove all over the country one summer together, and shared a lot of time and memories together in that car. It was just at its limit, hard swollen, glossy like an old gray scar. Indians used to bury rich gifts along with those who have died. How to cite this page Choose cite format:

The ritual dance of Chippewa Indians symbolized the call to put down the weapon.

the red convertible by louise erdrich essay

You are expected to use the paper that you order as errich The two of them endured so much together and apart from one convertile, and every time there was a change in their lives, the convertible underwent changes too.

Difficulties, pain and suffering changed Henry as they changed many other soldiers. After Henry drowns and the lights die on the Oldsmobile, there is a sense of symbolism involved with the river that ties together along with the symbol of the car and the theme of brotherhood.


Henry clearly is not the ewsay man upon returning from the war, and his relationship with his brother begins deteriorating because of the effects of the mental and physical trauma he has suffered overseas. Henry repaired the car.

The Red Convertible Essay

He went through the terrible war and captivity and stayed alive — but when he returns convertoble, he understands that he can not live anymore, and thus he had no reason to survive. Analyzing the text I want to show that red convertible is the symbol of brotherhood in the story. There is a feeling of buying a new shiny car, a new season, freshness, cleanliness, and just an overall feeling of comfort surrounding Henry and Lyman and their new purchase together.

Retrieved November 21, Lyman tries to inject the convertible with new life, while he and Henry try to start their relationship over. Lyman has a talent to make money, and even his losses turn to the money too.

Characterization Erdrich avoids the direct characterization of the characters, quite the contrary; she creates the image of every personage through his or her actions. Brothers bought the car together and they did cinvertible need to discuss it — they understood each other without a word.

the red convertible by louise erdrich essay

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Whether it is a tree house, sports, movies, music, or perhaps an event or particular incident, brothers always seem to have some common thing they can share and identify with, which brings them closer and acts as the foundation for their relationship.

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. The American Philosophical Society, As stated before, this was the problem of the whole generation, and the author discloses it with her novel. She does not describe erdeich war itself — no through narrator, neither through dialogues — but the reader gets the burden of guilt and pain.


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The Red Convertible Essay |

The car is up on blocks, not moving, at a standstill, just like their relationship. Granted, Henry was not all there, mentally, after the war, but physically he was made out to rde in great shape. In Native American culture they are very in touch with nature and it is involved in their way of life.

Upper Saddle River, NJ: Lyman and Henry hang on to the red convertible even when they do not have to because of what the car represents and what convertibpe means to the two of them. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. It is evident that Lyman did not get rid of the car and even fixed it up because of what it meant to him and his brother. Bu Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot!

Stories of Her People. The theme analysis The main theme of the novel is the difficulties that many veterans of Vietnam War probably any war and their families faced at the post-war times. His brother decided to awake him and spoiled his only valuable thing, the red car.