Isn’t it obvious we’re overburdening our kids? The state of working America, — Homework supporter Harris Cooper acknowledges that “the conclusions of past reviewers of homework research show extraordinary variability. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. The poor person’s version of the emblematic soccer mom is the burger mom—the mother who works nights in a fast food restaurant while her children sit in a booth waiting for her to help them with homework. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Are we willing to declare an eight-hour workday for both students and teachers?

I personally don’t think that the author focused on these point enough in the book. I found it interesting but frustrating as the author’s purpose was to convince the Jun 24, Ryan rated it it was ok. Lacking solid evidence, homework supporters ask us to take on faith the notion that homework can instill desirable character traits. All parents have educational agendas for their children. The Edge of Every Day. Alas, it was not to be.

the end of homework by etta kralovec and john buell

Inspired by Your Browsing History. I liked that it made me think about what I do as a teacher. Other editions – View all The End of Homework: Erika rated it really liked it Jul 11, Other students have family responsibilities, parents who work at night, and no educational resources in their homes.

End Homework Now

Research on learning suggests the importance of physical movement in the learning process Jensen, Yusuf-Rasheed Reed rated it it was amazing May 07, April rated it liked it Feb 23, Do we have the courage to call for adequate school funding?


The Dead and ,ralovec About to Die. Published August 1st by Beacon Press first published July 17th Homework is especially burdensome to disadvantaged children who may not have the luxury of free time, of books and computers in their homes, or of a ‘quiet, well-lit place to study.

Etta KralovecJohn Buell Limited preview – And yet research suggests that homework probably has no helpful effect in elementary school and questionable outcomes in middle school.

kalovec This book definitely lays off of the overblown tug at your heartstrings homework sob stories, which is a plus. I don’t think there’s any way to avoid sending review work home, but golly gee, I’d LOVE not to have to do it.

The End of Homework: How Homework Disrupts Families, Overburdens Children, and Limits Learning

The These authors and I come from different places of prioritizing research, but I think in the end we share the same s-style progressive ideal for education. Beacon Press- Education – pages.

Other editions – View all The End of Homework: The power of the hours: He has taught at the College of the Atlantic. Their provocative argument first published in this book, featured in Time and Newsweek, in numerous women’s magazines, on national radio and network television broadcasts, was the first openly to challenge the gospel of “the more homework the better.

The state of working America, — Etta Kralovec and John Eetta are educators who dared to challenge one of the most widely accepted practices in American schools. Are we willing to staff our after-school programs with professionals who can support student learning? According to Piaget, however, asking children to perform tasks before they are developmentally ready proves counterproductive to development.


the end of homework by etta kralovec and john buell

Those who call homework into question want to dilute the curriculum and kowtow to the inherent laziness of students. Homework in Historical Perspective. See all books by Etta Kralovec. Students told us about chaotic family lives, cramped living quarters, and parents who worked at night.

Beacon Press: The End of Homework

Found it informative, makes one wonder why homework is so stressed as important and this jon coming from a teacher! Refresh and try again.

the end of homework by etta kralovec and john buell

By calling homework into question, we are not questioning the work of homework, but rather the value of students completing that mohn at home. After close to 20 years of school reform measures, we now have some proven practices for increasing academic success. Fast families, virtual children: We need to ask ourselves whether homework falls into this category.