Students from Pre-K till G12 are taught internationalcurricula. If a student is absent from a final exam a grade of Zero will be given and no make-up examwill be assigned. Exams are corrected by teachers and returned to students within a maximum period of 72 hours. Nails need to be cut and kept cleanconstantly. The completion and return of the application form is the first step in the admissionprocedure. It is expected that the students will attend classes on a daily basis.

Students have the responsibility to: Both, the doctor and the nurses are involved in class visitations, assemblies on hygiene, health issues etc. Basedupon placement test results, the school reserves the right to offer various options such asacceptance, denial of admission or acceptance to a lower level. Regarding jewelry, girls may only wear one stud per ear, and boys are not permitted to wear earringsat all. Securing safe and comfortable physical environment. Descriptive essay high school graduation.

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Thamer international school homework agenda

Buying or using part of or all of a paper that was not written by you; copying and pasting from one or more source to create a paper; using passages or ideas from another sources as your own; paraphrasing ideas without giving credit; putting quotation marks around only some of the words taken from a source; copying exact words without quotation marks; giving a fake citation.

At the end of each academic year, T. Unusual hairstyles are not permitted at an educational institution. These courses are taken by students in Grades, Ten, Eleven and Twelve. Teachers agrnda duty will line up students and avoid congestion during break times. Stimulate and further interests. scgool


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Any student arriving late will not be given extra time to complete the exam unless a written clearance is given by the Head of school. Students from Pre-K till G12 are taught internationalcurricula. In an attempt to maintain discipline and safety inside the school bus, please read and discuss withyour child the bus rules before school starts. Helping students to establish goodbehavior patterns is an important objective of our school.

Timeallotments should be about: The student can presume classes only after theschool doctor confirms that appropriate treatment and removal of head lice was completed. No facial jewelry is worn, other than the aforementioned ear stud.

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View in Fullscreen Report. Bullying is an act of aggression that causes embarrassment, pain or discomfort to others.

On these days students may be given the chance to watch a movie or participate in art activities with their classmates. During the second term of an academic year, admissions take place only during the first 2 weeks of the term. We care for the overall development of our students and hope that you will undoubtedly support us in our endeavor. Students must homewok or replace damaged or stolen property.

thamer international school homework agenda

In all cases, parents will be contactedby supervisors when their children are absent to check out of the reason for their absenceand to arrange a way to send their agenda if applicable. When instructed to enter an assigned exam room, students are requested to do so in a quiet and orderly manner. Spm essay article example. The grading system will follow the scale below: Ideal Time to Apply: Fitting to test newborn.


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If further measurement is needed orassessment is determined, a recommendation will be discussed with parents and the Social Workerwill prepare the necessary documentation for referral.

Students are our highest priority.

thamer international school homework agenda

No eating or drinking is allowed in class. Student Records from Other Schools,T.

Short essay kalpana chawla. The diversity of the co-curricular program ensures that no student is to be left behind, the activities tackle all interests and abilities. Homswork of the school bus service is defined as a privilege, and the school reserves the right tosuspend or revoke at any time if a student fails to abide by the stated rules of conduct.

thamer international school homework agenda

Possession of illegal substances. No piercing is allowed except Homeworo ear piercing for girls only. It is important for students to be in schoolin a consistent routine of study and participation in school activities.

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