It is also forcefully make a case for policy change, perfectly understandable for a military thus the strategic policy role stays with institution to be strategically trained in a the military. Reports also surfaced that pupils were forced to watch teachers, [25] including principal Tahira Qazi , killed in front of them. Others sat at their desks, eyes on the clock instead of the blackboard, silently urging for the hands to move faster for the day to end so they could go home. He stayed by the door making sure everyone was evacuated. His friend Rehman describes his friend’s bravery on the day of the attack. Views Read Edit View history.

Muhammad Arshad Zafar Siblings: Once the militants cleared out, teachers gathered the students to rush outside. Later, when an infuriated teacher asked who did it, Abdul owned up to the mischief and paid a fine for the act. Sometimes in the winter, he would tease his grandmother by switching the fan on and removing her blanket. His arms are slowly recovering, and with further treatment, Obaid should be healthy again. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

As the founding member of this prestigious institution i and many of my friend had the opportunity to be the student of Mrs.

terrorist attack on aps peshawar essay

He was fond of shopping and buying new clothes. He had a warm heart and loved to crack jokes. Tears are not the answer of your effort to keep the memories of martyrs alive.

Brother of seven, Sahiban was of a very serious disposition. Many say Pakistan itself has changed.

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Muhammad Anas Khan esszy and Javeria A child still, he would ask his father to bring sacrificial animals for Eidul Azha at least a week in advance so he could get time to play with them. When he came home from school, he would help his mother in the kitchen, wash the dishes and clothes and knead the dough for cooking roti.


He was utterly devoted to the school, and students remember him as honest and dedicated. A week prior to the attack, his mother shares that Yaseen was playing a shooting game with his cousin at home, during which he acted out being shot with two bullets.

Khaula was the youngest, and in female student killed in the horrific attack. Mobeen was quite close to his father despite the latter being away from the family for 10 years.

terrorist attack on aps peshawar essay

Muhammad Akram Shah Siblings: At least people, including children About injured students were given and nine staff members of the school, medication in emergencies of hospitals were killed along with seven attacking and 78 students of severe injuries are terrorists with no loss of Pakistan Army under medical therapies in western on the Day in counter operation.

Attck wanted to be essah doctor and open a hospital for the poor. He was their perfect child.

terrorist attack on aps peshawar essay

Every time she asked him to bring something for her, he would ask for essay commission, refusing to do so otherwise. His best friends were his siblings.

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He says the minute he would reach the gate, the gate keeper, watchman, gardener, teacher and head teacher would start off, full of complaints about him. According to his father, Farhan was the most outstanding of his nine children.

Sajjad leaves behind a widow and two sons. But Pakistan still the Pakistani state had been because of its perceives Afghanistan as a battleground alliance with US rather than the militants terrroist influence with India as Kiyani told wanting State power This is where he would relax and unwind.


It was too late for both of them. Eesay brother, with whom he shared a room, said that they often played cricket in the bedroom.

Help us improve this article! His mother says Sami did not enjoy his youth like other children. He was a good student and aspired to be a soldier peshawwar day.

Pakistan school siege survivors tell of terror: ‘I saw death so close’

She pulled out many of those injured before the attackers killed her. Son of Nargis Begum and Lt. Son of Akhtar and Sameena Hussain Siblings: Her husband recalls that Benish had the chance to get out safely during the attack but chose to stay back so she could administer first aid to the injured students. Retrieved 8 February The only brother of two sisters and close to his mother, Hamza would eat whatever meals were cooked at home terrorust did particularly enjoy burgers and karhai gosht.

His siblings appear to be shocked into a silence at the loss of their youngest. His favourite subject was Biology gerrorist he always secured over 90pc marks in the class.