According to his mother, he was particular about being tidy and dressed like a gentleman. His father passed away in the year Meanwhile, Hussain ran outside and confronted three armed men. Many times, the judges and witnesses are too scared to come forward and award due sentences to the terrorists. Most of the operation took place in the attempt to clear this block and rescue the hostages taken by the gunmen.

Irshadah Bibi, whose year-old son was among the dead, beat her face in grief and threw herself against an ambulance, Agence France—Presse reported. His parents, who keep his cheque books and passport with them, say he had saved thousands of rupees in his bank account. He was a hard-working and studious boy who took an active part in class activities and school events such as plays and skits. I live not too far from Paksitan and no one even knows of this event? Mehreen Aslam 14 , Arham Siraj 9 and Zuraiz 5 months. Commandos from the Special Services Group of the Pakistani army arrived at some point and at length succeeded in cornering the attackers, all of whom were wearing suicide vests lined with explosives.

He was soft-spoken and had the kindest heart.

terrorist attack on aps peshawar essay

His family says that they cannot eat, let alone laugh the way they used to when Zeeshan was in their lives. He excelled in both studies and extra-curricular activities and had won several medals for his achievements.

2014 Peshawar school massacre

Dawn and the Project Team you people have done a commendable Job. Zeeshan was supposed to go shopping with his mother after school that day.


He was close to his father and had a special bond with his grandfather Peshawra Saddar Azam. She was the mother of two girls aged 20 and Some internal and external forces do not want our children to get educated and be a good Pakistani attac, can be an asset for our country in future.

Outside the school, his father was waiting for the two brothers to exit safely, but only one made it.

&#;A river of tears&#;: Peshawar school attack survivors tell of their trauma ✎ Theirworld

Rehana Saeed Hashmi to provide us with this opportunity to do this work, although this might not meet a high standard of research and to present at this platform of Department of Political Science, University of the Punjab.

He was utterly devoted to the school, and students remember him as honest and dedicated. But his mental health continues to suffer.

terrorist attack on aps peshawar essay

With Shahbaz and his father gone, his mother and sister have had to relocate from Peshawar back to the village. Umama Tariq attsck and Sana Tariq Both A total of 2, victims and 19 hijackers buildings collapsed within two hours perished in the attacks, making it the from fire damage related to the crashes, worst terrorist attack to ever take place on destroying nearby buildings and U. He was not particularly fond of his studies. May God continue to give strength to essqy families that so suddenly and terribly lost their beloved ones.

He was crazy about football and was a big fan of Ronaldo and Messi.


terrorist attack on aps peshawar essay

While many children cannot read or write Pashto, Sher Shah excelled at it. Sajjad leaves behind a widow and two sons. According to his father, Farhan was the most outstanding of his nine children.

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He was fond of shopping and buying new clothes. I went through so much and now I couldn’t leave that place just like that. Two of his children are now studying at APS.

He was very close to his mother. Altaf Hussain, a teacher at APS, who said he could not find any fault in him. He loved sports, especially basketball and cricket.

Son of Nargis Begum and Lt. He was killed; shot 13 times, but he managed to save his companions. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions.

‘A river of tears’: Peshawar school attack survivors tell of their trauma

wttack We should not forget their’s many scarifies and of many other who’s life were lost, due this mindless struggle. His friend Rehman describes his friend’s bravery on the day of the attack. Shahood was an extraordinary student. She was overjoyed that she had finally joined her siblings instead of staying home. Shahzad would collect pictures of the airforce, and loved reading books about fighter jets and air combat.