Telehealth represents big business. But telehealth, indeed any aspect of e-health, is not necessarily the best response. Improving patient access to specialized health care: A bibliometric analysis of the trends in the use of these terms. Achieving this at a national level requires political will, insight, coordination, and management of seemingly disparate factors. Link Partners Telemedicine http:

This renders such health systems all but incapable of providing even basic health care services to their population. Table 3 The primary risk factor that accounts for the most disease burden in countries studied in the GBD study Abbreviation: Strehle EM, Shabde N. Is it necessary to repeat all the research completed in the developed world to show its value in a developing world setting? Therefore, the challenge becomes how can health care systems, programs, and policies be adequately adjusted, modified, or otherwise improved to accommodate telehealth? But m-health may not be the silver bullet some believe.

No matter how good a telehealth solution may be, unless the setting is willing tele,edicine embrace it, it will not function well — or perhaps at all — if resistance is high. World Health Organization; Table 2 shows the number of m-health initiatives taking place in selected developing countries, as reported by the GSMA m-Health Tracker a collation of planned and deployed mobile health products and services around the globe; http: On the other hand, telehealth solutions should address evidence-based needs of the country, subnational region, cambodis health care facility.

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Huge populations, rising household incomes, and younger consumers may stimulate public interest in e-health. GBD Country Collaboration. The full relemedicine of this license are available at https: Profiling e-health projects in Africa: Table 1 Health issues and needs of the developing world Abbreviations: Telemedicine and advances in urban and rural healthcare delivery in Africa.

When compared to that for developed countries, relatively little published evidence exists of the extensive telehealth work known to occur in developing teemedicine. Future directions Through assessment of the existing program, we have identified future targets for improving current operations and initiating new clinical sites.


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Nowhere is this more evident than in Africa. Brazil is a huge and complex country with a population of These consultations rely on image-rich clinical documents composed by Cambodian physicians and nurses that are emailed to physicians in Boston and in Phnom Penh for review.

As technology advances, there is an assumption of essaj — that those in the developing world will have ready access to both affordable wireless communication and feature-rich mobile technology. For vulnerable groups and those who are extremely poor and poor — those most in need — the reality is much less than the published figures of ICT penetration would suggest.

Telemedicine by email in remote Cambodia.

Currently an unregulated area esaay activity, greater standardization and regulation will transform apps from being quirky and novel to being essential and embedded into the health care delivery process, even in the developing world.

Allows users to employ pen strokes to normalize data and easily create structured documents in a non-native language, eliminating the time-intensive keyboard transcription.

telemedicine cambodia essay

From a physiological standpoint, this is incorrect many sophisticated csmbodia sensitive sensors and feedback processes exist within the bodybut the concept of accessing and broadcasting that data is absent. Telehealth has global outreach potential, and m-health innovations seem to be one field of technology application that promise this breadth of impact.

The focus of this paper is on one element of e-health — telehealth. In order to provide our website visitors and registered users with a service tailored to their individual preferences we use cookies to analyse visitor traffic and personalise content.


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Definitions — and misuse of terms — abound. Strehle EM, Shabde N.

These consultations are based on text and image-rich clinical documents composed by Cambodian health workers, which are then emailed to physicians in Boston and in Phnom Penh. Telehealth is considered by some an appropriate response to such dire circumstances and if devised cambodiia implemented correctly could ameliorate this situation. But the driving force is far from altruistic. Countries differ substantially in their levels of health and well-being, but in general terms those countries with higher well-being are those that are more economically developed with higher personal income leading to better health.

Health Info Libr J. GBD country results: Javascript is currently disabled in your browser. A bibliometric analysis of the trends in the use of these terms.

telemedicine cambodia essay

Motamarri et al 68 gave some insight as to why m-health may become the technological approach of choice for developing countries based upon their experience in Bangladesh. Digital pen technology, in conjunction with pro-forma clinical templates, was proposed as a cost-effective model with low cost of implementation and adoption, which will be easily integrated into the workflow of the program.

This potential must be converted to reality for the developing world, which struggles with inhumane circumstances. Through telemedicine links, Operation Village Health bridges the cultural and digital divide allowing healthcare to make its way to rural Cambodia through a simple application of technology.